World of Mazes: Experience a VR Episodic Adventure that will take you to a Mesmerizing Universe


If you always wondered what is the potential of the current generation of VR devices, the World of Mazes is the new virtual reality game that will open your eyes to this fact. The new episodic adventure from the RiseAngle video game development studio is an incredible success that merges the traditional adventure genre with the stellar capability of virtual reality technology. There is no doubt that this title will provide a big splash in the VR gaming domain and most likely become one of the biggest hits – if not the essential game – in this year’s offer of virtual reality adventure games.

World of Mazes, also known as Saving Princess Maya has been developed as a title that aims to innovate storytelling in this virtual reality environment. It is also noteworthy to mention that the game is based on an original intellectual property (IP) that has been developed inside of the RiseAngle company. This fact is very refreshing – modern gaming industry often completely leans on existing IPs and their reach when it comes to the audience. RiseAngle clearly decided to go against that principle and risk much with creating their own unique game and its distinctive setting. Now, once the finished product has been able to get its launch and great reviews, it is evident that the gamble paid off for the developers.

Another thing that the developers decided was to avoid the rout of many modern adventure games, especially those in VR, which use very limited tales to enhance their releases. Instead, the World of Mazes makes use of its story as its central element and a pivot around it builds an incredible gaming experience and most definitely a hit VR game. The fantasy story of the game is that of the classic tales from this genre – one day, in a realm unknown, a princess gets taken by unknown foes and her world becomes endangered. In another world, her loyal servant is also imprisoned, but this time with the player – together, they join forces and not just escape, but set out to the rescue of the princess. The game’s story is engaging not just on paper, but also in the actual gameplay, where the players will get a chance to visit incredible worlds, explore the same realms and use their wits to find a way not just to save the princess but also find an ancient prophecy and how it all tied up in this otherworldly mystery.

The World of Mazes comes with a strong set of well-crafted features. Firstly, the entire VR environment of the game and its excellent graphics all help with the players becoming totally immersed in this game. Its storytelling is not just a nice tale, but a fully integrated process that slowly unravels with each successfully completed levels. As these change one after another, so does the story unravel for the players. In the gameplay, the gaming mechanics feature intuitive challenges and a smooth first experience by new players. As the game begins in its full content, the players will meet and interact with many whimsical and fun NPCs across the worlds. At the same times, along with the imposing story, the game does not take itself too seriously. The game is full of great bits of humor and lightheartedness which work great along with the fantasy setting.

Lastly, however, there is no need to underline that the World of Maze is still a challenging and complex puzzle game. It includes many puzzle challenges, which will demand the use of a range of items which need to be gatherers, combined and applied so that the puzzles can be solved. Now, as new episodes of the game get released, it is certain that more and more players will get to experience the pure joy of playing World of Mazes.


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