10 Office Supplies for Small Businesses


We know it, there are a million things to plan out before you set foot in a small business. You’re mainly focused on the big things. But what then if you’ve figured out the large aspects of your beginner business?

You then need to get the required equipment and supplies to push your operation into full gear! And these supplies are your day-to-day office necessities.

Although it might not seem like much, office supplies are an important part of running your daily business.

So what exactly do you need to include in your essential office supplies? Read ahead to find out!

Files and Folders and Cabinets

With time, you’ll have hundreds upon thousands of stacks of papers and documents. And there’s only one place where they’ll go; files and folders.

Folders and files help organize as well as declutter your office space. They help in storing documents neatly and are easy to pass around.

All of this needs to be assembled in one space. For further organization, all your files should have their required space in cabinets!

Writing Tools

Perhaps the smallest and the most important aspect of any office whether big or small is its writing tools.

Pens, pencils, highlighters, markers, sharpeners, and erasers are your best friend in an office. Want to correct something? Use erasers. Need to make quick notes, use a pen or pencil!

Grouping Tools

These tools bring anything in the office together. Grouping tools refer to staplers, staples, paper clips, thumbtacks, stapler remover, rubber bands, a paper punch, paperweights, etc.

You never know when you might need any of these, so it’s good sense to stock up on them at the very beginning.

Laptops and Desktops

This is without a doubt an automatic need for any workspace. With today’s technology, it’d be difficult for your office to progress without the proper computers.

Laptops and computers make it a hundred times easy to get your work done. They also help you to stay in contact with potential clients while streamlining important operations.

Water Cooler or Dispenser

Like any office space, you need to give employees some benefits that are useful for them.

A water cooler dispenser is one such benefit. It comes off as a thoughtful initiative and is beneficial for business and personal use!


Planners may seem like normal big notebooks but they are an essential part of any office.

Use planners to set schedules, appointments, and to-do lists to stay ahead of your business timeline.

Not only this but having a detailed planner gives you a sense of organization as well as saving time!

Sticky Notes, Note Pads, Paper, Envelopes

You need writing and grouping tools, however, you need something to use these on too! Each office needs a big supply of paper for any emergency.

In addition, smaller paper items like sticky notes and notepads are essential for quick reminders and to jot down quick notes. Remember, that it’s always wise to keep the supply cabinet stock with these items!

Envelopes help in both image as well as presentation. It’d be especially great if your startup had envelopes printed with your company’s logo. You’ll have multiple letters and documents being sent out constantly, it’s necessary to look professional while you do so!

Printers and Paper Shredders

Printers are a no-brainer! For different purposes, hundreds of papers need to get printed daily during office hours.

Additionally, the best printers have evolved from simple black and white. You have the option to choose from multiple features to get the best all-in-one printer. These come with scanning, copying, and other features.

Yes, there’s a lot of use for printing, but hoarding is equally harmful to your office. Your files should only take up space for the necessary documentation. This is where a paper shredder becomes helpful.

Phone System

If your office has multiple departments, this is even more useful. Each department should have its own operating phone system with the relevant extensions for easy communication.

First Aid Kit

Safety comes first! That’s exactly why keeping a safety kit shouldn’t be questioned.

By keeping a first aid safety kit in the workplace, you also make it easier for employees to conduct their work.

If this isn’t part of your office budget, it should become one, since it’s one of the many if not most important aspects of the workplace.


So there it is! All essential items you’ll need for the start of your business!

And if you’re already stocked with these, we hope you have smooth sailing ahead! We hope this checklist has helped you and we wish you the best of luck in your new endeavor!


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