15 Corporate Gifts to Boost (WFH) Office Morale


The past year has been challenging, and one of the biggest challenges for the nonessential workers is shifting from working from the office to working from home. For millions of people worldwide, their office commute has suddenly become from bedroom to a makeshift workstation across the room or maybe downstairs.

While the transition has been smooth for some people, for many, it has not been easy. Some of the issues with which home workers are struggling now are factors like having kids at home, cramped living conditions, distractions, etc. And even the most content work from home employees are probably feeling a bit run down after month after month of the change.

So, why not show your employees some extra love to charge up their morale? Here are a few ideas to get you started—

  1. Charging Station: A compact charging station is indeed a daily work essential that any homeworker will love to have. Be it your smartphone, smartwatch, headphones, or laptop, and an all-purpose charging station can hold and charge all essential gadgets in one place. It is time to say goodbye to messy, tangled wires.
  2. Cozy Slippers: Help keep the feet warm and cozy while working from home. A pair of comfy slippers are a lovely gift idea that can boost a home office worker’s morale.
  3. Nice Notebooks: Notebooks can be a pleasant gift for homeworkers where one can keep their ideas organized. Be it noting down the minutes of a Zoom call meeting, writing goals, or just things one is grateful for, notebooks are indeed a useful gift to give away to homeworkers.
  4. Houseplant: Houseplants are a great way to bring in some touch of greeneries in the home office space. Pothos and jades are low maintenance houseplants that are great to have on the window sills or the work desks. Not only do they enhance the aesthetics of the workspace, but they also help improve the air quality.
  5. Water Bottle: Even when staying indoors, staying hydrated is essential. Know that most home workers work long hours and might forget to sip in water from time to time. Moreover, they might be missing their usual water cooler chitchats. So, why not give away customized water bottles for employees?
  6. Noise Cancelling Headphones: Noise-canceling headphones are a must for work from home employees. It provides superior sound quality, cut down all the distracting sounds, and helps stay focused at work. They are soothing to the ears and give comfort to the home workers while attending to long calls.
  7. Desk/Workspace Organizer: Desk and workspace organizers are handy and useful gift items for any homeworker. These come in neat styles and colosr and are Insta-worthy yet relevant to keep all your pens, notebooks, paperclips, and other workspace essentials in one place.
  8. Leather Mouse Pad: A leather mousepad is a classy addition to any home office user’s workstation. You can even have it customized with some nice message to lift the mood.
  9. Screen Cleaner: Help them keep their screen and monitors clean with a bottle of screen cleaner.
  10. Bluetooth Speaker: A wireless Bluetooth speaker is an excellent addition to a home office. When you do not want to wear the headphones for 24 hours but want to work with soft background music, a Bluetooth speaker comes in handy. The best thing, you can carry it wherever you go.
  11. Fun Coffee Mug: Nothing can beat a fun coffee mug at the desk. Customize it with motifs, emojis, characters, or just a fun message to bring on a smile.
  12. Lapdesk Stand: Lapdesk stands are super handy in a makeshift home office. Whether you want to sit on your bed or work, use the patio as a workspace, or sit out in the garden, a lap desk stand is easy to carry around and store perfectly when not in use.
  13. High-Quality Webcam: High-quality webcam has been in high demand ever since the onset of the pandemic. It is a perfect addition to a home office, helping the staff look their best during the endless Zoom calls. A high-quality webcam has the sharpest video and natural-looking colors that are a great value addition.
  14. Artwork: A beautiful piece of artwork will undoubtedly help change the workplace scenario—time to say goodbye to boring looking walls.
  15. Coffee Subscription: Who doesn’t love to sip in some hot coffee on a cold winter morning while attending a virtual meeting? A coffee subscription with beans will undoubtedly delight a coffee lover.

A Useful Gift to Cheer Up the Home Worker

The last year has been challenging for all. The workspace scenarios changed overnight when corporations decided to shut down physical spaces and moved everything remote. This is the best time to cheer up the morale of a work from a home employee with these cool corporate gifts that are relevant yet pretty.


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