2018’s Biggest Ecommerce Trends


As more and more people take their shopping online, trends start to rise with them. Last year, the struggles of the high street stores meant that 22,000 jobs needed to be cut in result, which shows just how much things are starting to overlap now. E-commerce is edging out all the competition bricks and mortars could offer, and things are now starting to come to ahead.

Nevertheless, a few questions arise from this, namely; what caused this surge in this commercial upheaval? Well, the answer is trends, which fuel some businesses and outpace others. This is especially true when it comes to brick and mortar businesses vs the e-commerce market, which seems to always be a step ahead.

Consequently, here are some of 2018’s biggest e-commerce trends!

Free Delivery Services

Many companies are starting to realise that free online delivery is, ironically, a real money spinner. For one, it shows that they’re not just trying to grab cash wherever and whenever they can. For another, free delivery also demonstrates that they’re considerate of the customer, and always have their best interests at heart.

For example, many customers quite happily shop online and put things in their digital trolley. However, it’s only when they get to the checkout screen that they see the delivery charges, and often abandon their trolley altogether and click away. Well, free delivery has started to counter this. It now motivates people to stay longer and spend more in the e-commerce arena and retains their loyalty for the future too.

Faster Shipping

There’s no better way to prove a company’s efficiency than by providing fast delivery. Like the free delivery services, it again shows that a business is willing to go the extra mile in order to satisfy their customers and clients. When they can provide a speedy estimated delivery date and meet that goal time and again, they become more reliable in the customers books… as well as more convenient to use!

It’s almost addictive when one click means a knock at the door one day later, or even sometimes on the same day. It’s agile, it’s acutely receptive, and it’s as if it’s a personalised service that’s exclusively tailored around the user. Ultimately, it’s this kind of trend that keeps customers coming back to the e-commerce arena for more and more.

Online Vaping Stores

Vaping companies have become enormously popular in recent times. Proven to be healthier than smoking, many people are turning to these products to help them kick their bad smoking habits and lead a healthier lifestyle. It’s not just buying things for fun and pleasure – it’s a productive move people are making that betters their wellbeing.

For example, quality vaping companies such as VIP Electronic Cigarette have grown exponentially in the e-commerce arena. All their products are proudly on display online; different vaping flavours, kits, individual components and a plethora of modifications too. All the upgrades and new features are never ending, which constantly rejuvenates their relevance to the buying public and keeps them relevant online.


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