2019 Accomplished Under 40 Award Winners


(2019 Award Recipients | Photo by Ronni Wilde, Cascade Business News)

On October 2 we celebrated our annual Accomplished Under 40 award winners at the Oxford Hotel in downtown Bend.

This year, we collected one of the most diverse group of nominations we have ever received, as well as a nearly record-breaking number of nominations in one year. This made it very difficult for the awards committee to narrow down this year’s recipients. In fact, most who were nominated were very deserving, but we cap the amount of winners per year to protect the importance of being nominated. We truly hope that those who were nominated but not highlighted tonight will be nominated again next year, as their chance of being awarded is very high. This is a true testament to our involved and inspiring young community.

Many thanks to all of the nominators, as well as nominees, for putting themselves out there for scrutiny! I’d also like to thank U.S. Bank, an organization that sees the importance of new generations forging our communities, and the Oxford Hotel for its classy venue sponsorship! The Bend Chamber also got on board this year, and with its incredible YPN (Young Professionals Network), helped get the word out to those deserving recognition.

Congratulations 2019 Accomplished Under 40 award winners!

View the 2019 Accomplished Under 40 Winners and their Profiles Here.


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