2019 Top Projects Reflect Central Oregon’s Diverse Growth


(St. Charles | Photo courtesy of Skanska USA Building, Inc.)

With the continued explosion of growth in Central Oregon, it’s no wonder that the construction industry saw another banner year. In this edition of Cascade Business News’ Top Projects, we feature 31 projects that were completed during 2019. These include new builds, remodels and expansions.

To be included, local builders, developers, architects and engineers were asked to follow specific criteria. We were looking for projects within the tri-county area, finished in 2019 with a cost of $1 million or more. We realize there are many Top Projects that are under the $1 million mark and we would love to cover them throughout the year. If you have one you’d like featured in an upcoming CBN, please reach out!

The projects on the list run the gamut — from residential facilities and school addi-tions to hospital and county jail expansions. Lonza, the old Redmond Hotel that is now the Redmond SCG, the Bethlehem Inn, Community Bible Church and Big O Bagels all made the list, as did Drift Spa, AAA, Pronghorn Lodge and the 400 Bond Professional Building.

With shared working spaces becoming the norm, The Shed — Ruffwear Expansion, aka “Embark” made the list, and District II East and West buildings, which are build-outs of flex tenant spaces, were also included. The growing need for indus-trial space in our region is reflected here as well, with Deerhound, High Desert and Prineville industrial facilities all included.

A tip of the hat to all of the architects, contractors, developers, engineers and more for helping CBN acquire and publish all of the information gathered for this edition.

Click here to view the culmination of projects. We strive to publish every company involved in each project — from origin to excavation to finished carpentry. I find the amount of varying skills and the complicated scheduling needed in order for the projects to come together fascinating. I hope you will as well!



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