3 Design Secrets To Create Appealing Custom Packages And Boxes


You’ve probably invested the vast majority of your business budget into creating the perfect product. Now, the next step is making sure that consumers appreciate the box and packaging designs! After all, a well-thought out design doesn’t just become synonymous with your brand, but it serves as a silent spokesperson for your product as it awaits customers on the store shelf or display.

Even if your product is flawless, the packaging and box designs need to showcase perfection. It may seem like an easy task to send the right message, but we especially believe the following three secret tips can help you achieve the perfect balance!

1. Design a package that makes sense for your product and industry.

Before you even start the process of planning your design, establish the purpose of your product and your target audience. You want your design to appeal to consumers that may show interest in your product. This is accomplished by considering graphics that are appropriate for the product. For example, if you’re selling luxury electronics, your crisp and dark graphics are an artistic part of the design. However, if you’re selling baby products, you will want a packaging design that appeals to young parents and children alike.

Unless you opt for packaging that has a clear blister pack, most consumers will only understand the size, construction, and nature of your product through the graphics that appear on your packaging. Make this space count by really giving consumers a feel for what your product is capable of.

2. Plan for a design that works in virtually any setting.

First and foremost, your products will need to stand apart from competitors on store shelves. However, never discount the importance of having a box design that photographs well and displays beautifully online. You can accomplish this by choosing attention grabbing fonts, crisp high-definition graphics, and bold colors.

It’s also worth keeping in mind that your packaging may also get reproduced in newspapers, print ads or magazines. Your design should have no trouble being recognizable even in a small size if it gets reproduced.

3. Make the package design fit your product well.

Your product should have a completely custom designed packaging that uses materials that are easy to handle while the size, shape, and construction of the packaging makes sense for the merchandise. Consider how a consumer may need to transport a heavy or awkwardly shaped product. In this case, installing sturdy handles can make it easier to move the product around.

It’s also crucial to good design that you consider packaging usability. If your product has multiple uses, why not opt for a resealable box? If the product requires pouring, why not add a spout to the packaging? These little nuances can truly help your products stand out while making them easier to use for consumers. To learn more about packaging and boxes visit: https://customboxworks.com/

You may have a quality product on your hands, but you need to build brand recognition and trust through your packaging and box design. By paying attention to your target audience, usability, and overall function of the product, you can create a design that stands out from competitors!


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