3 Reasons to Consider a Woodworking Side Hustle


Are you working in a full-time job? Do you enjoy woodworking as a pastime activity? Learn how to balance a woodworking hustle with your full-time job and make money.

3 Reasons to Consider a Woodworking Side Hustle

Woodworking is an easy to learn hobby and doesn’t consume much time. It’s a rewarding business that requires only a few tools and materials.

You can turn your passion into creating and selling wood products. These include furniture, cabinets, and other beautiful furnishings. Here are 3 reasons to consider a woodworking side hustle. If you decide to pursue woodworking, sites like Saws Hub can help you learn how to properly use tools to create amazing wood products.

They are Popular

You can’t go wrong by choosing woodworking as a hustle. There’s a ready market for wood products due to popularity and demand. There are many reasons why people love wood products:

  • Durable: Well maintained wood products tend to last for many years. A solid piece of furniture made from wood can last for generations.
  • Customizable: The advantage of using wood as a raw material is that you can create custom items. Not only does this personalize the product for each customer, but it can also add more sentimental value to the item.

There are Several Products to Create

Woodworking offers plenty of options for products that you can design and sell. These items help expand your audience base and income opportunities. Here is a list of a few items you can create.

  • Toys for kids: Wooden toys for kids are popular. Parents sometimes prefer them over plastic toys since they are safe and don’t contain chemicals or toxins. Incorporate patterns, puzzles,blocks and some toy boxes or doll houses for storing dolls.
  • Wooden coat racks: A coat rack is unique and creates more storage space around the house. It also adds some charm to homes and offices. It’s easy to make with simple hardware and doesn’t cost a lot since materials are available.
  • Wooden gift products: People share gifts to express love. Wooden gifts are popular and perfect examples include key chains, pens, clocks, calendars, pen holders and more.
  • Picture frames: People love stylish picture frames that enhance the photos they insert into them. Additionally, there are so many ways to customize frames for each client you have.
  • Window Boxes: Window boxes are excellent for decorating the exterior of your house. Plus, by having them outside, people who walk by can see the window boxes. This can be a great way to start a conversation and let others know about your business!

They are Easy to Sell

Most people worry about where to market their finished products. Currently, there are various ways to promote and sell your woodworking pieces.

  • Promote Through Social Media: Social media consists of many channels where people meet to share and interact. Popular websites such as Instagram or Facebook are ideal for promoting your items. You can even look on Facebook Marketplace to sell your items.
  • Organize a Garage Sale: A garage sale offers an opportunity to showcase your finished products and sell. While garage sales are typically for used items, plenty of people show up to garage sales looking for items that will fit well within their home, and they don’t care if they are new or used. If you build wooden furniture, this can be a great place to sell it.
  • Promote Through Ads: Post ads in the newspapers, noticeboards, or through your social media pages. The idea here is to spread the word out there to the masses and get them to buy.
  • Sell via Online Stores: Online stores such as Etsy or Amazon Handmade are perfect places to sell your wooden pieces.


A woodworking side hustle can make you money since there’s a huge demand for woodworking products and crafts. Like any business, you need a strategy. It’s essential to understand the market and consider your customers’ needs.


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