3 Ways to Get Around Roadblocks in Your Career


Having a good career that progresses at a suitable pace is many people’s dream. With the economy growing at its present rate, there are more new opportunities available to those seeking ways to advance in their careers. You too may be aiming at a managerial position as the next step in your career.

Unfortunately, a smooth career progression can be hampered by roadblocks; there are several common roadblocks that may prevent you from reaching the next milestone. What should you do when you’re stuck in the same position for too long? Here are the three ways to get around roadblocks in your career.

Understand the Issue

It’s 2017; there is nothing wrong with asking about your performance at work and talking about possible promotions with HR or your direct supervisor. A lot of employees don’t really consider talking about their careers with their superior out of fear or reluctance. That fear and reluctance may just be the things that are stopping you from taking the next big leap in your career.

Ask about your performance and the things you can do to improve. Get insights into how your superiors see you as a team member. You can even speak to HR about the requirements you have yet to meet in order to qualify for a managerial position (or the next promotion in your way).

All of these insights will help you understand the issue inside out. Once you know the things that are blocking you from progressing in your career, solving them and getting around the roadblock will be very easy to do.

Aspire to Be Better

Improving yourself as a worker means taking a more active stance in pushing your career forward. This is something the company appreciates and a sure-fire way to boost your career to a new level. You can also make the jump to a better position in another company with fresh new skills under your belt.

Thanks to online courses from universities such as TUW (http://www.tuw.edu/) you can now pursue a master’s degree while working a full-time job. Online degrees are also much more affordable than their offline counterparts.

Alternatively, you can go for certifications and shorter courses in specific skills. Certifications are great if you are working in a field where having a specific set of skills is highly appreciated.

Recognize Organizational Challenges

Companies aren’t just looking for skilled people to fill key roles in their organizations. Often times, your ability to be part of the team and – more importantly – to lead one is the asset your employer is looking for. You can’t expect to get promoted to a managerial position without first showing off your managerial skills.

Don’t hesitate to take charge of a project when the opportunity comes. Do your best to demonstrate your leadership ability, but avoid trying too hard and ending up looking like a controlling dictator or an attention-seeking boss. Find that sweet spot and you’ll be promoted sooner than you think.

Roadblocks are quite common and they can hamper the growth of your career. Now that you know the best ways to get around them, you should have no problem taking your career to the next level and achieving the success you’ve always wanted.


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