4 Best Law Firm Website Design Companies You Should Consider for Your Firm’s Website Design


In today’s world, having a digital footprint has become essential for every brand worldwide. Thanks to the internet and smartphones, much of the branded communication between businesses and their customers happens online. As such, companies invest as much into their online presence as they do offline.

However, we rarely hear the conversation about investing in the digital side of the business among law firms. Granted, attorneys do much of their work in the courtroom than on social media, yet when clients are looking for any business – including legal services – an online search is their go-to option, and very often, this leads them to a website or social media page.

Putting this into consideration, it should be a no-brainer to invest in a website for your law firm. That said, if you’re having thoughts about designing a website for your law firm, this blog post will look at the top five best law firm website design companies that could help you build your law firm’s web page.

Before then, though, let’s look at why your legal practice needs a website:

Why You Should Invest in a Website for Your Law Firm

A website is an invaluable marketing tool for any business in today’s digital world. According to the statistics, about 90% of people conduct an online search to find a company. As such, investing in a website puts your brand in front of a significantly larger audience. But, despite this obvious fact, several legal practices still fail to work on their online presence. If you’re still indifferent about designing a website for your legal practice, let’s show you a couple of reasons why you should change your mind ASAP:

1.   Trust and Credibility

Branding in 2021 is all about building a relationship based on trust with your customers. And your website enables you to build a strong brand image through valuable web content and brand-centric messages that speak directly to your clients.

Before hiring a law firm, customers are looking for proof first. After all, legal matters are complicated, and you need capable hands to get you the best results. With a website, you can use well-written legal content about your law firm’s specialties to show your clients you’re just what they need.

And the best thing about a website? Your law firm has complete control over everything about it, including the design and content.

2.   Effective Point of Contact

Clients who want to hire an attorney from your law firm usually have to contact you to make a couple of inquiries. Usually, the secretary at your front desk attends to these calls; but, on some busy days, taking too many calls and answering the same questions repeatedly can get overwhelming.

However, you can create an FAQ section on your website that attends to your clients’ most frequent questions when they contact the firm. This move ensures your front desk can focus on more crucial issues around the office.

3.    An Excellent First Impression

Most people who look for businesses search for credible names on the internet, and this inquiry mostly leads them to a company’s website. As such, your web page may be the first part of your law firm your clients come across. On that note, having a well-designed, organized, and optimized website gives you an opportunity to make an excellent first impression on your customers.

Statistics show that the average web user spends 45 seconds on a website; that’s 45 seconds to convince your clients that you’re what they need, and you may not even get up to that because a 2-second delay in loading a web page reduces conversions by 7%. As such, you should hire the best law firm website design services if you’re going to convince your clients you’re the best option for the job.

That said, dive into the next section of this article to find out the top law firm website design companies you can hire for your law firm website.

Top Law Firm Website Design Companies for Your Law Firm Website

Investing in your law firm’s website is crucial to your digital marketing and brand-building efforts, especially in today’s digital age. With that in mind, here are our top recommended law firm website design companies:

1.   JustLegal Marketing

Based in South Carolina, JustLegal Marketing designs law firm websites and handles everything from web development to the launch of your website. When it comes to website design, JustLegal Marketing goes above and beyond the call of duty by building a web page that appeals to your target clients and also providing you with all the analytics and plugins you need to optimize your website for search engines. Regardless of whether you’re a solo attorney or a mega law firm, you can trust JustLegal Marketing to give you the best website design service available.

2.   Scorpion Design

Scorpion Design is another one of the best law firm website design companies in the US, with website design services for law firms in America and across the globe. Beyond website design, Scorpion Design also offers SEO, PPC, and digital marketing solutions to their extensive clientele. The company works with various legal practices, including criminal law, family defense, and personal injury firms. In the US, Scorpion Design has offices in Texas and California.

3.   Big Drop Inc

Based in New York, Big Drop Inc designs websites for legal practices across the US. The company works with solo attorneys alongside small and large law firms. A customer-centric establishment, Big Drop Inc has a vast category of law firm website design templates you can choose from to meet your needs. Regardless of your firm’s specialties, you can trust Big Drop Inc to design the perfect website to reflect your brand image.

4.   Lounge Wizard

Another law firm website design company based in New York, Lounge Wizard provides several digital marketing services to legal practices within the USA, including social media management, SEO, and web design and development. This company is particularly famous for employing the best hands to provide top-notch web design solutions for their clients. Are you looking to rake in those client conversions through your website? Then Lounge Wizard is your go-to name.

Final Thoughts

A website for your law firm is an invaluable asset. It plays a crucial role in brand building and marketing and can also serve as an educational tool for your clients. Fortunately, they’re several top website design companies you can hire in the US, and we’ve discussed the best names in this article. It’s a digital world, and it’s about time you start investing in your online presence.


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