4 Incredible Benefits to Becoming an Amazon Seller



Currently, Amazon is the most popular eCommerce marketplace in the world. In fact, it operates on such a massive scale that most people don’t realize that they can sell physical products on Amazon too.

Fortunately, if you are looking to become an Amazon seller, it has never been easier, thanks to Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon). As a third-party seller on Amazon, you get a chance to leverage their potential marketing, logistics, payment processing, and more.

You just have to find a product and send it to Amazon. They take care of everything else, including shipping the product when it sells and providing customer service care. Isn’t it amazing that you get to earn just profit and someone else is managing other difficult aspects?

Let’s now explore some of the top benefits you will get once you become a full-fledged Amazon seller.

Amazon FBA Is a Game Changer in eCommerce

Amazon FBA is a revolutionary in the eCommerce space. And this is the reason why many small vendors consider selling on Amazon. FBA stands for “Fulfilled By Amazon,” and it allows you to sell your products on Amazon. Amazon handles warehousing, shipping, customer service, and returns.

In other words: if a customer buys your product from Amazon, they will eventually purchase from you but through their website with their marketing power behind them. The best part is you get your profit while a small commission is cut by Amazon.

Like any other entity, Amazon is also prone to making errors. Their systems can make errors in managing your FBA inventory and processing customer claims.

With an FBA audit, you can ensure the intactness of your data on a daily basis, helping you accurately gauge all the information related to your products and services. FBA audits also help you to calculate the money for operational errors in the FBA program.

Immediate Access Millions of Customers 

The major advantage to getting yourself registered as an Amazon seller is that you have immediate access to millions of customers across the world. According to Statista, there are approx. 223.72 unique monthly US visitors to this ever-growing platform. 

Amazon is the biggest eCommerce platform in the world, and it is constantly striving to maintain that position by embracing cutting-edge technologies like data analysis, AI, machine learning, automation, and others. Just imagine your product being seen by millions of people spread across continents without you having any sort of modern technology.

The platform has a massive customer base with over 300 million active customers worldwide and over 200 million Prime subscribers. Furthermore, this number continues to rise with the rising number of online shoppers. 

Low Upfront Costs

That’s important for small-scale vendors as they lack initial capital investment. Still, you need not worry, as Amazon makes sure that you can start selling on Amazon for as little as $1. That’s right. You can easily open an account and start selling items in minutes.

Moreover, there is only a minuscule fee that you pay to sell through Amazon. They will never increase over time unless you want to upgrade the plan and want extra features that come with a higher monthly subscription fee.

One of the biggest advantages of being an online seller is that there are no upfront costs associated with it. You don’t have to buy a building, hire employees or invest in inventory—everything comes right through Amazon at no cost whatsoever.

Ease of Entry

Being a vendor of any scale, it’s pretty easy for you to get started on Amazon. You don’t need to be well-versed in complex technology, warehouse management, inventory process, and others. This is a great opportunity for any entrepreneur with no knowledge of eCommerce or marketing.

Plus, if your product idea doesn’t get expected recognition (and most do), it won’t cost you much money. This is because the initial investment would be small enough that it won’t break the bank. While if all goes well, you can literally print money even with that small investment.

With Amazon’s FBA program and its relatively low barrier to entry, you can easily experiment with your new product idea before investing more time and money into scaling up production. This means that there will be less risk involved with introducing a new product line than if you were going straight into manufacturing and marketing without testing the market first.

Summing Up

If you are looking for ways to scale your business to new heights, then Amazon can be a great opportunity for you. This is because Amazon enables you to leverage its millions of customers and bleeding-edge technologies, which would otherwise be difficult for you to procure.

Leveraging Amazon’s capabilities, you are likely to make your business more successful in less time. Once your products are listed on Amazon, their visibility increases faster than any other marketing channel, including brick-and-mortar shops, shopping malls, and others. Similar to any other aspect, you must consider the pros and cons of this platform before jumping on the bandwagon.


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