4 Simple Content Marketing Tools to Boost Your Business


None of the B2B marketers deny the critical role of content marketing. Traditional types of marketing won’t ever help to generate leads so effectively. You should not necessarily create content all alone. Thanks to the tech boom, machine learning, and AI, many content marketing tools have been created. In this post, we will review some of the top-preferred solutions.



Defining the target audience is the first step to success, but not so many businesses know how to do that right. This app assists with creating a user scenario and understanding customer behavior. It will give you a clue about your audience’s real desires and needs.

Hotjar offers a visual that includes your users’ clicks and taps. This way, you will see which elements of your website attract your potential leads. Hotjar will help you understand what type of content impacts your clients the best. In other words, it is about exploring the conversion funnel. You can analyze every page of your business website to find out what works best.

Except for the customer insights, Hotjar analyzes your order or subscription form, explaining why some users may get sick and tired of filling it out. The tool is offered at a rate of $89 monthly.


Even if you do not have a team of in-house or freelance copywriters, you may solve the problems with textual content with different machine learning tools. They do not generate genius content, but, at least, it is free of mistakes and can cover the basic SEO needs.


In the case of Zyro, it really makes the texts sound like real humans wrote them. You should first choose the necessary category and enter the specific topic along with some buzzwords so that the machine understands exactly what you need. The instrument may cut weeks from your site or online shop building process.

Zyro is smart enough to optimize the generated content based on the industry keywords. However, if you want content of the highest quality, you may need to hire pro copywriters. It is possible to buy essay, articles, presentations, infographics, and many others from professional writing services.


You might have already heard about Canva, but did you know that your website guests will most probably turn into your active leads in 7+ interactions? The most effective way to communicate with them is through involving visual elements like images, infographics, videos, and more. Canva is a drag-and-drop app that makes it possible to generate amazing visuals for your business. All of the functions are very simple to understand. You can even come up with business presentations using this tool.

If you are not planning to expand your budget, Canva is the right option as it costs nothing. The professional plan is also present, but it is recommended for corporations, and it costs just $9.95 a month.


60% of marketers develop and publish at least one piece of information every day. You should not fall behind, and it means that you’ll need plenty of excellent topics.

Research and analysis are the integral processes of content creation. You should first analyze your competitors and market to come up with the ideas for future:

  • Articles
  • Social media publications
  • Emails
  • Blog posts
  • Reviews
  • Tutorials
  • Infographics
  • Videos

All these types are all equally important for your business. Anyway, with Feedly, you do not have to waste hours surfing the web. This smart tool will scan the industry-related publications and offer the best ideas for your future articles within minutes or even seconds.

This feed aggregator discovers content based on your business-related keywords. Thus, it is enough to know the subject and decide on several buzzwords. Leave the rest of the job to Feedly.


Altogether, these smart tools allow identifying pages that can be optimized and those that can be deleted once and forever. They may even generate ideas and full pieces of content for you. Sure, you can also solve similar problems with the help of various search engine optimization tools. Still, content marketing apps are simple even for those who have never worked with SEO instruments.


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