4 Skills That Will Instantly Make You More Employable


The job market is more competitive than ever in the current economic climate. More people are unemployed, or due to be made redundant, than at any other time in the past decade, and this is leading more and more people to apply for the jobs that you’re looking for to progress your career. In the crowd of applicants, you need to stand out. That’s where this article comes in, offering four distinct skills you can bring to the table to wow employers and show that you’re a cut above the rest of the competition.


Communication skills are difficult to learn and even more difficult to share on your CV and resume. Nonetheless, these skills are what employers are constantly looking for in the job market, searching as they are for workers who’ll be able to put in a shift with their colleagues, their clients, and their customers. Some of your communication skills will be polished from previous jobs, but to really impress your employers, try your hand at a communication course online – one that’ll gain you a certificate at the end. This will show you’re a safe pair of hands when it comes to your job applications.

Cloud Skills

With the world largely still remote working, this is the moment for those with super-polished computer skills to come to the fore, helping their colleagues understand the technology that links them across time and space. A great way to do this is with online training courses offered by leading technology suppliers. The AWS training and certification course, for instance, will help you to understand Amazon’s Web Services – the whole cloud-based computing structure that powers much of the web, and much of the business world, today.

Organization and Time Management

Many new hires will be onboarded remotely this year. That means you’ll not be heading into the office to learn how your company works. Instead, you’ll be expected to hit the ground running, picking up skills and responsibilities as you go. As such, employers are looking for those who’ll be able to bring a brilliant attitude to their first weeks in the job, including excellent time management and organizational skills. They want to see you taking the initiative, working things out for yourself, and contributing to your team as soon as possible. All this means managing your time effectively and making sure you’re being responsible and responsive to the needs of your firm.

Core Programs

Much has been said about the new digital platforms that are making work easier in the modern era. Slack, for example, has gained in both popularity and notoriety in recent months as one of the ideal co-working, collaborate apps for businesses to use. Nonetheless, it’s still the old stalwarts of the digital world that are most important for workers to know how to use: by simply knowing your way around a spreadsheet, drafting emails expertly, and creating smart presentations, you’ll already be working at a top level when you get hired into a new job.

The four skills outlined above are all considered essential and attractive in candidates from across a number of different industries.


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