4 things to know when suing an employer


No one wants to be in a position where they have to sue their employer. However, if you’ve had an accident in the workplace and it was due to employer negligence, it may be necessary. A workplace injury could put you out of work for a while, or you may have lifelong difficulties due to the damage. All employers should follow legal guidelines and ensure their workplace is safe.

But suing an employer can be a complicated and stressful process. So, here are 5 things you should know. 

Legal funding 

Suing an employer can add financial burdens to an already difficult time. You still need to pay your bills but you are unable to work. It could be a long while before you receive a settlement. Fortunately, there are legal funding companies that can help. These provide victims of personal injury with the cash they need to stay afloat while their pending accident or injury lawsuit is being negotiated by their attorney. So, do your research and find a legal funding company that works for you. 

Other options

Suing an employer should be your last option. It isn’t a pleasant experience and could create a lot of issues in your daily life. You might find that colleagues look at you differently if you stay within the company. So, before you decide to sue, it’s important to exhaust all the other options. Have you spoken to your employer about the issue? Have you spoken to HR? There may be an easier way to settle the issue without legal proceedings. However, if there isn’t, suing may be the best option.  

Legal procedures 

Legal procedures can be complicated and confusing, especially if you’ve never been involved in a lawsuit before. It’s important to read up on legal proceedings and how your case will work. Your attorney will be able to answer any questions you have, too. You don’t want to go into the process blindly, as you might be caught off guard. So, find similar cases, watch legal shows and read legal documents. When you sue an employer, you’ll need to be prepared, and that means understanding the system. 

Managing stress

There are no two ways about it: suing an employer will be stressful. You already have a serious injury, and now you might find that your name is dragged through the mud. It may well be a long and complicated process, so it’s important to try to manage stress during this difficult time. This means taking time for yourself and trying to relax; whether that’s by taking a long bath, going for a walk, or meeting up with friends. Try to create some normality in your life and stick to a routine.


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