4 Unique Fundraising Ideas To Help Others


Fundraising can be really fun if you get creative with it. While our minds might flick immediately to people standing on the streets asking you to if you have a spare five minutes to chat (Does anyone?!), there are way more pleasant means of raising money for a charitable cause, for both parties involved.

Whether you have a particular cause in mind that you want to raise money for, or you are just wondering about the options there are for fundraising, this piece will offer you some unique fundraising ideas which you can do to help bring in some money to help change people’s lives.

Fashion Show

Fashion shows are not just for Cara Delevingne or Kate Moss anymore, no, they are for those who love clothes, want to put on a fun event, and help raise money for a worthy cause.

You could have models ‘pay’ for a slot in the show, have participants design their own clothes or work with a local thrift store to auction off pieces, and you can charge ticket entry too, all to help raise money. If you can find photographers to come on board, they could also donate images that they have taken from the show to be bought by those who were modelling.

Buy A Brick

Perhaps not the first thing that comes to your head when thinking of fundraisers, but offering patrons the chance to ‘buy a brick’ which can contribute towards a new building or floor can be a very sweet and personal way to help raise money for a specific project. You can even have these bricks engraved to show your gratitude and have a display of those who have helped make something magical happen.

This is definitely a sweet and pragmatic approach to fundraising which helps donors contribute both physically and financially to a building project.

Themed Lunch Party

Who doesn’t love lunch? Combining food and fundraisers are one of the most enjoyable and popular duos when helping a good cause. While you could put on just a regular lunch and people would still come, having a themed lunch party definitely makes it that much more special. It also helps justify a higher price point, so all of the profits can go straight into the fundraising pot.

The theme could be anything your heart desires, just be sure to think of who your target audience is and what it is you are raising the money for to make sure everything is appropriate and lines up well.

World Record Attempt Party

Do you know anyone who would love to break a world record? We probably all do! The best thing about hosting a world record attempt party is that they are few and far between, which makes for an interesting event. Not only that, but you can get very creative with what world records you would like to break or even set. There are plenty of achievable goals, which makes this a real fun day out for all ages!


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