4 Ways That Can Transform Your Bathroom into a Spa


Why go to a spa with a session that would only last for hours when you can transform your bathroom and have a spa-like experience every day after work, running for errands, school, and whatnot? Besides saving you the effort of having to go to the spa, and the cost of paying for their facilities and services, you can upgrade your bathroom fixtures and add items that would give you a spa inside your own home. Not only does it provide the best impression for your visitors, but it also gives you that rewarding experience every day after hustling and a bathroom with a magazine-worthy design.

Here are some of the ways you can turn your bathroom into the at-home spa of your dreams:

Create a calming environment with plants

One of the trends from 2020 that people know will stick for years is taking care of plants and having plants inside your bathroom. Getting in touch with nature has always given us a calming feeling. More so, plants can filter and purify the air, thus giving us a fresher environment we can enjoy. You can install plant hangers or prop up orchids with a simple vase beside your bath. You can search for the different type of plants that can thrive in bathrooms. Having plants will let you create a sanctuary and a nature-themed spa.

Have a bath caddy or tray

To have hours of a session of relaxation in your bath, you will need a bath caddy or tray where you can place your glass of champagne and snacks you can have while enjoying having your body soaked under the warm and scented water. You can prepare everything you need and place in the tray. That way, you won’t have to get in and out of the bath which can be a total bummer if you’ve already started your session.

Get the perfect lighting and aroma for you.

A significant factor in having a spa-like experience is the aroma and lighting. It is the most significant element in mimicking a spa’s environment. A dimmer light will help you relax better since a bright light usually signifies the need to be alert and awake. More so, a spa’s sweet aroma has always been memorable for people who go to spas. Just a whiff of pleasing fragrant and you’ll already be able to feel like you’re back at the spa, and you can achieve this at home with your curated candles. Candles hit both the notes of giving you the perfect lighting and the lovely aroma.

Prepare a playlist

Music can do wonders in making us feel emotions and changing our mood. Spas are known to have the most relaxing background music for sessions. With so many sources nowadays, together with the best playlists, people create in Spotify. You can download or save cosy playlists for when you plan to have a session at your at-home spa. 

This is just the tip of the iceberg to more ways you can transform your bathroom into a spa. You can organise shelves to look as neat as the ones in spas. You can add artworks around and make your floor cosier with a beautiful rug. Even cleaning your tub can already count to achieving your goal. You can check out items you can use for your bathroom’s spa transformation and look through design inspirations in Victoria Plumbing.


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