5 Advantages of JEE Crash Courses


Among the most significant milestones of one’s academic career is the Joint Entrance Examination. Students get a step closer to a greater number of career opportunities in engineering through this competitive exam. There are two phases of this engineering entrance exam, that act as the deciding factors for admissions into esteemed engineering institutes. JEE Mains is the preliminary exam and is followed by JEE Advanced, which a JEE aspirant must clear for admissions. JEE Mains is held twice in a year, once in the month of January and once in the month of April. Aspirants may appear for both the slots, by registering once. 

Below are some advantages that a JEE aspirant gets when he/she avails JEE crash courses. 

  • A walk-through of the entire syllabus: The syllabus for JEE includes chapters from both 11th and 12th standards. A thorough revision of this syllabus is way too time-consuming. All the JEE crash courses available on various online study portals come with specially designed sections, wherein the highlights of each chapter are explained with relatable examples. Mostly there are sets of questions at the end of each section that helps an aspirant to assess his/her preparation. Going through these highlights and solving the practice question sets is a walk-through of the entire JEE syllabus in itself.  The questionnaires (having multiple-choice type questions) at the end of each section can be solved on the go, thereby saving a lot of time. These mini walk-throughs are much helpful especially a few months before the exam.           
  • Time Management: The most important parameter that an aspiring JEE candidate has to keep in mind is time management. Even though the difficulty level of the question paper is not known, yet, JEE aspirants chalk out a time-per-question plan for the exam day. Various crash courses for JEE are available online and they come with sets of practice questions, that help an aspirant to plan roughly for his/her time management for JEE. A candidate must be comfortable with skipping questions and moving on to the next question, in case he/she is stuck in any particular question. Investing more than the planned time span in any particular question hampers the rest of the performance as well.
  • Time-saving hacks: Like all other competitive exams, JEE is also more about time management. No matter how well a candidate is prepared, time-saving tricks are always highly beneficial for JEE. Once an aspirant is done with the entire syllabus of the Joint Entrance Examination, he/she has to work on the fastest tricks of solving any numerical, for the best results. Not always all the numerical value questions need proper step-by-step calculation. The time-saving trick is to eliminate the incorrect options and check with the most likely options. JEE crash courses are specially designed for this particular purpose, so as to help candidates make the most of the stipulated time. 
  • Live tutorial sessions: Those tutorial videos which are pre-recorded, JEE aspirants have a tough time with their doubt clearance. It becomes even more difficult when there are application-based questions and the concepts are interrelated. In such cases, JEE crash courses that come with live tutorial sessions are preferable. Aspirants can interact with the respective subject experts and coordinators during the session itself and get all their doubts cleared. Thereby, they can go ahead with the practice questions and the following sections of the course. Vedantu JEE crash course is one such online course wherein live tutorial sessions are available. 
  • Cost-Effective: Often Joint Entrance Examination aspirants are reluctant in buying year-long study materials and mock test series, owing to their high prices. The crash courses for the Joint Entrance Examination available on various online study portals are pretty much cost-effective. JEE aspirants may choose from a range of available crash courses with different time durations. The prices of the crash courses vary with their duration. 

 Mostly JEE crash courses come along with recorded tutorial sessions for certain important topics. Aspirants may refer to these recorded sessions for revisions. These recorded videos happen to be highly beneficial for the last-minute revisions. Coming to the Joint Entrance Examination 2020 cut-off percentiles, the cut-offs vary for different categories, being the highest for the General category. Aspirants must have to meet the cut-off percentiles in order to be eligible for admissions in the deemed engineering institutes.


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