The 5 Best Tools for Your Sports Social Media Channels


Social media is an excellent place for people to share their love of sports. Whether they follow the official accounts of different leagues, teams, and players, or unofficial accounts that simply love to post about their favorite moments, social media can bring sports fans together. If you run a sports-focused social channel, you certainly have a vast audience to select your niche from. The challenge, however, is grabbing their attention. How do you convince people that you are worth following? To stand out from the crowd, here are a few useful tools available to optimize your sports social media accounts.

All Hashtag

Hashtags play an integral role in searching for content and getting yours in front of the right people. They play an especially significant role in sports marketing, too; Work In Sports notes, “Rallying cries become hashtags, like the New Orleans Saints’ #whodat, which makes it possible for teams to capture an even greater potential market and get more people on their ever-growing hype train.” Hashtags can be similar cheers, players’ names, specific games, or something else, but they always make it easier to find related content online.

How do you know what hashtags are appropriate or the most advantageous, though? You want to avoid overdoing it, and unless there is a clear chant trending on Twitter fans will recognize immediately, you might not know how to tag your material. All Hashtag can help with that: when you type in a relevant keyword, All Hashtag’s system suggests a plentitude of potential hashtags to choose from. It even offers analytics tools to track how your posts are performing. When you know how popular various hashtags are across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google Plus, you can decide if you want to include yourself in a popular discussion or take advantage of a lesser-searched one that will give you different levels of exposure.

Magic Social

Social Media is a complicated place, so appealing to potential followers, creating content, and interacting with people can sometimes seem like a full-time job. If you want to boost your following on Instagram without purchasing fake likes and followers, growth experts at Magic Social can acquire an audience for you. If you enjoy the posting aspect of social media but not the strategy, all you need to do is keep creating content while Magic Social executes the nitty-gritty details on your behalf to increase Instagram likes.

Make a Gif

Sports are dynamic events that many people prefer to enjoy in-person when they can, so replicating that same feeling online can be challenging. Video is as close as technology has come to letting people watch sports without being present, but not everyone on social media has time to watch video clips, especially if they have already seen the match. Still images have their place, but they don’t always convey the excitement that sports bring. Fortunately, there is a happy medium: GIFs.

Not only are GIF’s eye-catching on social media feeds, the fact that they are essentially moving pictures that replay on a loop allow fans to rewatch their favorite moments over and over again. In addition, their short length means that no one who is busy scrolling from post to post needs to pay attention for very long. With Make A GIF, you can create your own moving images from pictures, uploaded videos, YouTube, and Facebook. Did one of your favorite players make an absolutely incredible play during the last game? Make sure your followers can see it as often as they’d like.


Of course, images are still critical to social media. With Canva, you can create and edit stunning visuals, even if you aren’t a designer. Do you want to enhance the colors of a photograph of a spectacular touchdown? Do you want to create an infographic that details the batting averages of past World Series winners? With Canva, you can create an endless stream of relevant, exciting, and attention-grabbing content.

Sprout Social

People who are serious about social media do not stop at posting content and hoping for the best. Instead, they monitor how their strategies are going with analytics tools like Sprout Social. This particular resource can grant you information regarding your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, and LinkedIn accounts’ performances, your followers’ demographics, what times of day are the best to post, and how often people are engaging with you. You can adjust your social media strategy to be as effective as possible when you have actionable insight.

Sports lovers can easily turn to social media to discuss their favorite games and share the latest news, so if you want to be a part of the conversation, there are helpful tools at your disposal. Which resources will you turn to for your sports-related social media accounts?


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