5 Ideas to Make Your Retail Store More Inviting to Customers


What makes a customer more likely to choose one retail store over another? There is no simple answer to this, as each store and customer is unique, but there are certain ways to make a storefront more appealing. You could have the best product at the best prices in town, but some customers will still be put off if your store does not look welcoming or professional. You will also be losing out on business from passersby who could make an impulse decision to come inside to browse. If you are struggling to attract customers to your retail store and want to maximize footfall and increase profits, here are five ideas to consider.

  1. Make your entrance easily accessible

If your store entrance is not easily visible from the street, even passersby who are attracted to your store will be deterred from coming inside. Some stores have multiple entrances, not all of which are functioning, and others have entrances with steps leading up to it or a dark heavy door. In addition to ensuring that your entrance is visible or well signposted, consider installing an automatic sliding door from Evo Products, which makes the entrance more open and easy to negotiate, even for people with restricted mobility.

  1. Light up your displays

Lightboxes in your windows displays and within the store itself can be incredibly effective. They make the whole store brighter and more welcoming and make your merchandise even more noticeable even from outside the store. Lightboxes also enhance colors and shapes so you can show off your products and branding.

  1. Invest in your signage

Do you have an official sign on the front of your store which shows your name, logo, and branding? If not, customers may not recognize or connect with your brand from the outside. You can use written posters or blackboards for advertising, but they will not make a lasting impact. In addition to your main signage, a high-quality A-frame sign that sits on the path outside the store can also be effective when trying to grab passersby’s attention. This is also where you can promote special offers or events.

Your branding should tie in font, logos, and colors that are consistent with your wider marketing strategy. If you have not established a brand, consider hiring a professional to help you develop a brand that resonates with your target customers.

  1. Focus on your window display

Your window display is your store’s opportunity to make a positive first impression, so it should be high on your priority list. Often referred to as visual merchandising, deciding which products to display and how to display them is a real skill, so you may want to do some research or even hire a professional to advise you.

  1. Bring in live plants

Bringing plants into the store can show that you are an environmentally conscious brand, but they also serve a practical purpose. Plants have been found to bring a calming ambiance to a room, and they emit oxygen, which can help both your customers and employees to feel at ease. Click here for plants which have been linked to stress reduction.


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