5 Mistakes That Can Doom Your IT Career


The future is bright like a thousand subs for people in the IT field.

With the emergence of new technologies, there is a continuously growing demand for IT specialists now more than ever.

That’s not all. According to Maryville University, IT jobs offer median salaries of over $100,000 per year making it a lucrative career choice.

But to whom much is given, much is tested. Such a fruitful career can stumble or end thanks to a couple of mistakes.

Therefore to thrive, you must avoid the following five mistakes among others.

Having No Web Presence

The internet offers you the opportunity to cheaply and easily get to your customers. A website, for instance, works for you 24/7, something like an online office.

Social media helps you to keep in touch with family, friends and acquaintances.

Creating a great web presence boosts career growth, and the converse is true. You miss out on many opportunities if you don’t create a web presence.

If you don’t know how to create a web presence, you can hire help on sites such as Upwork and Codeable.io.

Outdated Skills

Information technology is a fast-paced field. Just when you adopt new tech, something newer drops, and the cycle never stops.

New tech means learning new skills, but if you lag behind in learning, you’ll become incompetent and irrelevant.

To stay ahead of the competition, you must keep track of new trends and the latest news in the IT industry.

For instance, there is a growing need for mobile expertise in the future. Anyone with mobile application skills is highly sought, according to Maryville University.

Ignoring Soft Skills

All you know is systems and data and whatnot meaning you have honed your IT skills than the next guy. Still, you can your career is stagnated because you lack soft skills.

Having people skills go way beyond your academic or professional achievements. If you can’t communicate your ideas effectively, for instance, you won’t achieve much in a team setting.

There are plenty of resources to learn soft skills online and offline you’re well covered in that area.

Burning Bridges

With soft skills comes burning bridges. Having a good reputation goes a long way in the IT Career. Thanks to the internet, it doesn’t take much effort to ruin a good reputation.

In other words, don’t bang the door on your way out. If things don’t end well, throwing down with the clients/team-mates in a verbal or written war doesn’t work in your favor.

You never know what the future holds a d good reputation is always good. Don’t stunt career growth by causing drama when things end badly.

Poor Networking

Networking is a great way of growing your career. On top of opening more job opportunities, networking allows you to meet like minded people that can help you to grow your career.

Attend networking events and simply be awesome. You can even attend product launches and so on; just keep networking even when you already have paying customers.


Today’s post is simply a tiny laser-sharp list of mistakes that can affect your career negatively.

Still, there are many other pitfalls to watch out for. Have questions, tips or suggestions? Please share in the comments.


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