5 Reasons why you should use Wix for Your Website


There are many website builders available today, and each offers a unique approach to website building. These builders also have their pros and cons, something which you should consider before settling on one.

Out of the bunch, Wix is the most popular website builder, and it hosts a whopping 160 million websites. By checking out a comprehensive Wix review, you can get an idea of how the builder works, as well as its biggest pros and cons. If your mind is torn, here are a few reasons why you should use Wix for your website.

1.      Super Easy to use

One of the most standout functionalities of Wix is its simplicity and ease of building a website. The builder uses a drag and drops editor, which unlike most other competitors, is very flexible. You can drag and drop different features and functionalities such as images, text, booking appointments, adding a blog, etc.

Even better, Wix has Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) functionality. This is a smart assistant that collects information about your business or website, and then automatically builds a website with your required functionalities. After that, you can still customize your website as you’d like through drag and drop.

2.      Get started for free

Starting a website can be quite expensive, especially when you have to hire a professional developer and buy your hosting space. If you are just starting out or you want to experiment with your idea, this can be a deterrent as you don’t want to start by throwing money around.

Wix sorts this out by getting you started for free. All you need to do is sign up, and you won’t even need to provide a payment method. You can create your website, customize it however you wish, publish it, and use it for as long as you’d like, all for free! When you are ready to move your website to the next level, you can then upgrade to one of the available premium plans.

3.      500+ Templates

Out of all drag and drop website builders, Wix leads the way with the number of templates available, and all are free. The designs of these templates are exceptional with a sleek interface and great layout, and they are available for many industries.

All these templates are optimized for mobile viewing. However, if you overuse Wix’s design flexibility, you may need to have a look and possibly edit the mobile interface before publishing.

4.      Wix App Market

If you need enhanced functionalities on your website, you don’t need to hire a developer for that. Wix provides over 300 apps, some free, some paid. These can be used to add almost any functionality you can think of. Examples are a mailing list, social media stream, galleries, business tools, etc.

Unlike WordPress where you just hope that an addon doesn’t mess up your entire site, Wix apps can be added and then drag and dropped where you’d like them.

5.      The Extras

Apart from its website building capabilities, Wix offers lots of other features. One of them is the Wix logo maker, which uses AI to create a logo according to your requirements. You can then customize each element individually as you’d like. Another one is the SEO Wiz, which asks you a few questions and then comes up with a personalized SEO plan. There’s also an automated marketing campaign, among others.

To top it all, once you feel that you are ready to publish your Wix website, Google will index it within seconds. You will then be able to see your website on Google search immediately!


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