5 Things to Think About Before Talking to a Finance Broker


Planning to buy a house is one of the most exciting and yet, scary times in a person’s life. Whether you have a large family, or are buying yourself a home, talking to a finance broker is always a smart move. This way, you can ensure that your money and future are being looked after by someone who deals with this situation day in and day out. There are some things to think about before you take this big step and speak with a finance broker. We’ve narrowed them down in to our top 5 things to consider.

  1. Know your own assets

It is a good idea to have a clear idea of where you stand financially before you go and speak to a finance broker. By gathering and making a list of all of your financials including your annual income, your savings and your assets, you will be able to jump straight in to talking about how you can proceed with the more important parts – like finding your new home!

  1. Write a list of questions

You undoubtedly have a thousand questions running through your head about your new home, how much you can afford and how it can all come together – that is totally normal! The best thing to do is to write a list with as many questions as you can think of. You can add to this over time, and when you are ready to speak to a finance broker, you will be prepared and won’t miss out on asking anything you needed to know.

  1. Do your research

Not all financial brokers will be able to offer you the best service for what you need. Make sure to do your research into the best finance option for you and look into different brokers. You can do this by comparing what different brokers have on offer and the lenders that they have on offer. Possible one of the most important things to consider are the reviews that a broker has received. A good mortgage broker will have testimonials from real clients and should have no problem showing you everything they have on offer and break down their work step by step. Another essential viewpoint to consider are internet reviews. The words of clients that have written reviews are invaluable, as most customers will only complete an online review if the broker is exceptionally good, or terribly bad, so either way you want to know about it!  Once you have narrowed down your final options, then consider meeting with one or two brokers to find your perfect fit.

  1. Do some more research!

Honestly, the more you know about what it is you are looking for, the smoother everything will be later on, trust us! Another important line of research is into the real estate market. You should get an idea of where you want to live, the average price around that area, and what your Plan B is if this isn’t possible. It is always better to be overprepared and highly educated so you can talk to your mortgage broker about your specific desires.

  1. When you’ve thought too much, just go for it!

A finance broker is there to help you accomplish your dream, so try not to overthink everything too much. By following the tips above, you will be more than prepared to speak to a finance broker. They will give you specific things to think about and look for. The first step that you have to take, is just to walk through their door. And when all else fails, give Blutin Finance Brokers a call!


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