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When Oliver and Wilber Wright took to the sky on December 17, 1903, they had no idea that flying would someday be the most popular mode of travel. Flying lets people see the world in a hurry, it lets world leaders negotiate in person, and it can let people at the other end of the globe use your product.

Although it may cost more than ground or water transportation, air transportation is fast and safe. If you have decided that air freight shipping is the right way to deliver or receive the products you need to run your business, there are a few actions you can take to make everything go smoothly.

Make Sure Your Paperwork is Filled Out

Whenever you transport products by air, you will have to fill out plenty of legally required paperwork. The paperwork you will need will depend on what you are shipping and where it is going. You should figure out what paperwork you will need before you pack your product.

If you do not fill out the paperwork correctly, you may find that the shipping process will take a lot longer. Make sure to double-check the Harmonized Tariff Schedule code. Failure to include this code may delay your shipment. Air carriers charge money to store your shipment when it is awaiting documentation and those charges are not cheap.

Package Everything Well

When exporting products, it is important that everything is packed securely. Your package will pass through multiple hands on its journey.  It is important that you use enough packing materials to ensure that nothing will break melt or get crushed. You will never sell your perfume if the shop receiving it opens a box full of broken glass and you will never sell your candy if the store you sell it to receives a carton full of chocolate soup.

Cardboard boxes are often required to ship certain products. You can always put those boxes on palettes and secure them with tape.

Label Your Boxes Clearly

You want your product to get where it is going in a timely manner. Mislabeled packages get lost and can cost money to find. It may end up as part of another companies shipment if it is not properly labeled and it could be lost forever.

Get the Measurements Right

If you are shipping a product through freight air, you are going to have to measure it. The measurements must be precise or it could result in delays. If you get the measurements wrong they carrier will have to do a verification on the size of your shipment. If you do not get the weight of a package that is airborne correct, it may even result in an accident. A plane must know exactly how much weight it is carrying before it takes off.

Hire a Professional Logistics Company.

It is unlikely that your cargo will arrive at its destination via a single form of transportation. A logistics company can help you get your product from the plane, on a truck, and into a warehouse. An international freight forwarder can help you get your product where it is going in a timely fashion.

You have worked hard to make your product perfect. Shipping mistakes can be costly and improper shipping can ruin the look and effectiveness of your product. Proper planning and the right logistics company can help secure your shipment and put your best face forward.

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