5 Types of Keynote Speakers that Can Benefit a Startup


When you think of resources that can benefit a startup, it is common to overlook the power of a professional speaker. After all, what could a speech possibly do to change the operations of a business? Depending on how the words are delivered, what is said, and how often the message is driven home, words can actually do a lot to initiate a profound transformation in a startup. In fact, communication might be your best weapon against poor performance and negative employee attitudes that could be affecting brand perception and productivity at a fundamental level. With that said, keynote speakers are the masters of delivering effective messages, and here are five types that can benefit almost any startup:

1. Political Speakers
Political analysts and speakers like Ana Navarro are a less popular option for most startups, but in some relevant industries they can provide an authoritative and valuable source of information and constructive feedback. Many of these speakers provide advice to some of the highest ranking politicians, so if their opinion is trusted at that level, then it must be wise enough to positively influence a small startup in its early stages. Furthermore, the same skills used to analyze political events and policies can be used to identify and describe potential flaws in company operations.

2. Business Strategy Speakers
Business strategy speakers like Salim Ismail and Peter Sheahan focus on helping startups and established brands develop disruptive techniques that will push the company in the right direction. These speakers are excellent at discussing ways to improve outreach efforts, increase efficiency, heighten employee productivity, and how to appropriately allocate a budget to accommodate the most pertinent needs of a startup. They’re also great at putting things into perspective and painting a broader picture of what needs to be done to advance the business forward at the fastest feasible pace.

3. Future Trends Speakers
Being able to predict and adopt to future trends is a huge part of what it means to be a cutting edge startup in today’s competitive corporate landscape. Future trends speakers are great at identifying the trends that matter most to a company and bringing them to the attention of management staff so that the necessary adjustments can be made in the marketing, production, and quality assurance departments. These speakers also specialize in trend creation and analysis, helping your team to use a more innovative, social, and up-to-date approach to marketing.

4. Motivational Speakers
Of course, staying motivated and having a positive, optimistic mindset is extremely important for the leaders of a new startup. Operating from a pessimistic or defeatist mentality will only drive the business towards poor productivity and a shortsighted perspective that isn’t conducive to growth. To achieve optimal results, employees need to believe that what they’re doing is going to be effective and that they play a very important role in the future of the company. While you might contend that employees can watch motivational speakers at home if they’d like, it won’t produce the same effect as it would in a workplace setting with the speaker tailoring the message around the goals of the company and its employees. Providing relevant motivation is the first step in increasing concentrated enthusiasm, which in turn results in stronger brand advocacy from staff members and their friends and family.

5. Sales and Marketing Speakers
An essential aspect of soliciting new customers and clients as a startup is having an efficient sales and marketing process. Speakers who specialize in this area of company operation are able to spark creative ideas and reveal new channels for advertising and lead generation that might otherwise go unnoticed by in-house staff members with less experience on the matter. These experts are on the cutting edge of internet marketing and persuasive techniques that can result in raised conversion rates and a higher ROI from your adverting budget.

Becoming a Better Business Speaker Yourself
As the leader of a startup you should strive to become a better speaker yourself in order to not only limit your dependence on external speakers, but also to give your employees a more motivational and inspirational experience in the workplace. Studies have shown that lifting employee morale has a lot do with friendly communication and the way staff members are treated, so learning to be a more effective speaker is an essential part of becoming a better company leader.

On the other hand, even if you feel you’ve mastered public speaking, there’s still a place for the five kinds of speakers mentioned above, particularly if the goal is to develop a well-informed workforce with a well-rounded knowledge of marketing and business methodologies. Plus, highly authoritative speakers tend to demand more attention than the supervisor that your employees are used to dealing with and seeing everyday.


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  1. I imagine these mentioned speakers are so helpful to new businesses. Most of new business owners came from either working for others or perhaps just graduated from colleges. There are many needs including Marketing, Encouraging and knowledge. To secure success, many also need up to date new effective technology information.

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