6 Personal Protective Equipment Essentials You Need For Your Business


As we approach the ‘new normal’ of getting back into the workplace, there are several things to consider to make sure your employees are safe. The recent pandemic and other viruses are a reminder that health and safety are paramount in all environments, and this is likely to continue for a while longer.

For medical businesses, this is a top priority, as close contact with patients is part of the job. So to ensure you have everything ready for the next few months, check out these personal protective equipment essentials that you should have in your workplace.

1. Face masks

Face coverings or masks are often a piece of PPE that medical professionals wear when treating patients. However, it is now essential to ensure every member of staff has an adequate face covering when in close proximity to others. Face masks can help to block droplets that carry germs, and they can also help prevent the spread of airborne viruses.

2. Face shields

In some cases, it may be necessary for staff to wear face shields when dealing with the public. Face shields can be used in conjunction with face masks, and they protect a larger area of the face, including eyes. The eyes can be an entry point for droplets that contain germs or viruses, so this helps to prevent spread.

3. Disposable gloves

These types of gloves are used across many industries, but they are now the new normal in many businesses. They can help to keep hands safe and clean, and contaminated gloves can be thrown away after use. In a medical practice, wearing gloves is standard practice. Still, if you are looking for more due to the frequency of use, there is a selection of suitable gloves and medical supplies online that can be delivered fast and direct.

4. Hand sanitiser

Another essential for employees and patients is to ensure there is sufficient hand washing or hand sanitiser facilities available. To kill the germs that anyone is carrying, washing hands frequently is vital. In a business environment, there may not be access to handwashing facilities immediately. So stocking up on hand sanitiser and placing it around all areas of your business will ensure everyone has access to it.

5. Disinfectant wipes

Cleaning is a normal part of keeping your business hygienic and looking professional. With recent events, it has become even more critical to stay on top of this. Where there is no immediate access to cleaning equipment having disinfectant wipes to hand is an ideal solution. They can neutralise bacteria and viruses and keep surfaces clean and germ-free.

6. Clinical waste bags

In a medical environment, it is standard practice to have separate bags to dispose of hazardous material. However, now it is also an excellent time to think about getting more to ensure tissues and gloves can be disposed of safely. By separating these materials that may be contaminated ensures that others do not come into contact with it.


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