6 Strategies To Expand Your MSP Clientele


More and more businesses are looking for ways to remain competitive without blowing their budget, and this is where managed service providers (MSPs) can provide their services. In this competitive landscape, it’s not surprising to feel like you’re slowly running out of fresh new leads.

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So, if your metrics are starting to reflect your deepest concern, here are five strategies to expand your MSP clientele:

  1. Revisit Digital Marketing Efforts

The first thing you can do to expand your clientele is to revisit your MSP digital marketing efforts. Go back to your buyer’s persona to brush up on who you’re targeting to ensure the pain points you’re trying to resolve are still the same or if they’ve changed since the last time you created a marketing campaign.

Other MSP digital marketing efforts you should revisit should include the following:

  • Company Website

As a trusted MSP, you have to ensure your website is always up to date to encourage potential customers to start a conversation or transaction with you. It’s also important to audit your call to action (CTA) and ensure all the links are working and are connected to the appropriate web pages or forms. You may also want to add a chatbot to automate replies to frequently asked questions to engage your potential buyers.

  • Social Media

In this digital age, it’s essential to be visible to all possible platforms where your potential buyers hang out. Having social media presence in the top three appropriate platforms for your business should increase your reach and visibility for new buyers to see you. Social media marketing is also an excellent way to put out educational, inspirational, or entertaining content that’s easily shareable.

  1. Explore Funding Options

The next best thing you can do to expand your clientele is to explore funding options like the working capital business loans provided by Credibly to beef up your operational and marketing expenses. You can use the money from this type of loan to fuel short-term marketing campaigns like paid ads, employing consultants to optimize your marketing campaigns, or hiring contract workers to free-up bottlenecks in your operational procedures.

  1. Ask For Referrals

Another way to expand your MSP clientele is to ask for referrals. This type of cost-effective strategy works best when you have a good working relationship with your current customers since they’ll be more than willing to give out referrals or recommend you to their connections.

  1. Build Your Network

If you think you’ve drained your client list and would like to get fresh new contacts, try to expand your business by building your network. You may want to join networking events, your local Chamber of Commerce, and volunteer organizations.

Joining these networking lunches to meet other business owners is an excellent place to introduce your services. Building a solid relationship with other local businesses, even if you don’t get any referrals, can provide value to your company in other forms. Valuable nuggets you learn from building your network can include pitching your services or learning more things about different niches that your business can penetrate.

  1. Create Your Dream Team

If you’ve done external connections building, then it’s about time you also focus on building your in-house talent. By creating a culture that values employees, you also spread the word about how great your company is, attracting more talent to your house. Building your dream team is one way to generate some buzz around your MSP business, thus strengthening your name in your chosen niche.

  1. Find Your Niche

If you think you’ve exhausted every contact you have in a particular niche, why not try to offer your service to another? Many niches are evolving these days due to emergent technologies, more remote work opportunities, and the changing demand of consumers.

You can find your place by exploring the following:

  • Your Expertise

Focus on offering your expertise to the niches you find while exploring your passions as a business leader or owner.

  • Location

You can also offer your services to businesses in specific areas like companies near major shorelines and serving the marine sector.

  • Go Deep

If you’re already working with a specific niche, try to go deeper and offer your expertise to more companies in this vertical.


MSPs are in demand today with a lot of niches evolving, but this also means more competition for your business. If you see that your business is slowing down, you may want to expand your clientele by revisiting your digital marketing efforts, asking your current customers for referrals, or try joining organizations to build your network. Aside from these efforts, it may also be a good idea to beef up your funding to fuel more money to build your high-performance team and focus on a chosen niche.


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