6 Ways to Improve a Home’s Front Door Security


From all the ways that an intruder can break in, front doors are the most vulnerable. We’ve discussed everything that would make your front door more secure.

Security Bar

A security bar is low-tech, but it’s effective. It’s a metal rod that would be placed on mounting brackets on your door frame. Although the majority require mounting brackets, there are some that don’t need it.

Wide Peephole

Some intruders may have specific strategies to get inside. This might include you answering the door, only for them to pull a weapon on you.

A wide peephole would give you a good look at whoever is on the other side. You’ll be able to see if they’re carrying a weapon or not.

Big Dogs

Dogs are man’s best friend. A large dog around the house would scare anyone from breaking in. Why have just one dog? Two of them would do an even better job at scaring intruders away.

Security Cameras

It’s safe to say that no one would break in if there’s a chance they would get caught. Place security cameras at the entrance of your home. Many homes place dummy cameras as just the presence of cameras is enough.

The devices usually are a part of in-depth security systems. They go hand-in-hand with alarms. You can place sensors in your yard that would detect anyone sneaking around. They’ll make a loud noise once they detect an intruder.

Solid-Core Door

Solid-core doors are worth your time. They are usually wooden doors with steel interiors. The beauty of the doors is that they’re noisy and time-consuming to break through.

Some solid-core doors are better than others. A low-quality one would risk your safety.  Buy from brands that are esteemed, like RONA. If you check any Rona windows and doors review, you’ll see that, they are positive.

There may be windows near your front entrance. Swap them for ones with thicker glass.  Bryan Baeumler is well-known in the home improvement world. With a bit of research, you’ll be able to find a Baeuler approved window company in Canada.

Door Locks

We placed deadbolts on the bottom of our list for a reason. Yes, they make your front entrance more secure than if you didn’t have a deadbolt. But burglars have an arsenal of tools to unlock deadbolts.

An experienced robber would know that the locks only stretch an inch and a half into your door frame too.

We have to talk about smart-locks. You’ll only be able to get inside if you know a code. If anyone tries forcing the door, an alarm would go off.

The chances of anyone breaking in would be high if you’re not at home. But you can stop this happening if you have superb front-door security. Make sure to have a quality solid-core door installed. The door should have a wide peephole – you’ll be able to see if the person on the other side would cause harm or not.


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