7 Benefits to Getting a Chlorine Dioxide Water Treatment Today



Did you know millions of people suffer from waterborne diseases?

The majority of issues come from public water drinking systems. That doesn’t take into account problems and pollution in private drinking water as well as recreational water.

If you want your drinking water to be safer, you need Chlorine Dioxide water treatment. Don’t fret if you don’t know how it works. In this guide, you’ll learn the benefits of using chlorine water treatment services. Read on and find out more today:

  1. Powerful Action and Ignores Microbial Resistance

The way chlorine dioxide kills various pathogens is through oxidation. It’s effective since it helps in breaking down the walls of microbes. With that, the chemical water treatment disintegrates these contaminants.

Organic molecules that get oxidized will stop functioning when they sustain widespread damage. It makes the death of these organisms unavoidable. Comparing it with chlorine, the oxidation only happens using electron transfer.

The best part is that microorganisms can’t deal with oxidizing agents. Remember, disease-causing microbes evolve and develop resistance to overcome things that kill them. For example, some evolved bacteria strains develop these mechanisms, making some antibiotics obsolete.

With chlorine dioxide in water treatment, microbes will get damaged from oxidative attacks. That means they can’t become resistant to it, regardless of their ability to evolve. With that, you can rely on this substance to end microbes for years to come.

  1. Quick-acting Targeted Substance

When destroying microorganisms, you can expect for chlorine dioxide to act fast. Most disinfectants will need you to wait for at least an hour for great effectiveness. But with this substance, you’ll see results within a few seconds to a couple of minutes.

Chlorine oxide also has specific mixes that allow you to target certain microbes. This will enable you to kill pathogenic organisms. It does this while leaving the helpful ones intact.

In contrast, Chlorine and ozone disinfectants are too reactive. This means they will destroy almost any organic substances that make contact.

It’s also worth noting that these disinfectants will react with ammonia in water. This will result in the substance getting used up too fast. That will leave the water unable to combat bacteria as soon as it reestablishes itself.

Also, the extreme reactivity results in the creation of unneeded and unwanted by-products. With chlorine dioxide, you’re assured that it’s selective and won’t react to all substances. It will always go after the pathogenic organisms while leaving other organic matter alone.

  1. Effective at Low Concentrations

Another great part about chlorine dioxide is its powerful oxidizing abilities. That means you can use this substance at lower concentrations to kill any bacteria and viruses in the water. The short duration for it to take effect is a testament to its efficacy.

You also need to put lower amounts due to chlorine oxide’s selectiveness. You won’t waste it with unwanted reactions with organic matter that happened to be there.

That’s why an equal amount of chlorine won’t be as effective as a disinfectant. After all, most of it will disappear anyway.

  1. Effective Regardless of pH

When mixing chlorine with water, it forms hydrochloric acid and hypochlorous acid. As the water’s pH rises, more of the latter compound becomes hypochlorite ions. This is a weaker disinfectant, meaning it will lose more effectiveness the higher the pH levels are.

If you’re trying to treat water with alkaline conditions, you can count on chlorine dioxide. It won’t react with water, remaining as a true gas regardless of the pH levels of the solution. With that, this compound is more effective at a higher pH level without weakening at lower levels.

This characteristic makes chlorine dioxide the best choice for cooling towers. It’s especially the case when you don’t have any pH-control mechanisms. After all, it’s likely for these to have a more alkaline pH level.

  1. Long-lasting Effects

This benefit is possible since chlorine dioxide has selective action, lower levels of reactivity, and low concentration effectiveness. With more residues remaining for a long time, it helps inhibit the bacterial colonies’ regrowth. Also, if you dilute or use up the water, the little amount left remains effective in protecting against regrowth.

  1. Safer Byproducts

When mixed with water, chlorine dioxide will release oxygen and salt. With chlorine dioxide water treatment, you’ll make these harmless byproducts. It’s a sharp comparison to chlorine since it’s known to form trihalomethanes (THMs) like chloroform and halogenated compounds.

Take note, the chlorine will react with ammonia and amines. THMs and halogenated hydrocarbons aren’t as biodegradable as salt. The worst part about this is that experts agree that these compounds can cause cancer when exposed for a long time.

With these concerns, EPA started recommending chlorine dioxide as the more ideal disinfectant option. Using this compound as water treatment ensures you won’t put THMs and other harmful waste products into your system.

  1. Environment-Friendly and Economical

The lack of harmful byproducts of THMs makes chlorine dioxide a greener option. Salt and oxygen won’t pollute the environment, nor does it cause cancer. It’s more potent than chlorine, so you won’t need to get as much of the compound to maintain the water.

When checking its price ounce for ounce, chlorine has a lower tag compared to chlorine dioxide. But the latter has higher potency, lowering the needed amount to achieve disinfection. With its long-lasting effects, you won’t need to start treatment cycles as often.

Get Chlorine Dioxide Water Treatment Today!

These are some of the benefits of getting chlorine dioxide water treatment. Whether you’re at home or in a business, you’ll need the help of this compound. It’s more effective, safer for your body, and safer for the environment.

If you’re looking for more reasons to use this compound, lots of other outlets can attest to chlorine dioxide’s effectiveness. Without harmful by-products, you won’t need hidden human health costs in the long run.

Did you find this guide interesting? If so, we encourage you to read more of our posts and discover more tips and tricks today.



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