7 Highest Paying Online Casinos


The world of online gambling as a form of entertainment has grown exponentially over the past two decades.

Most popular online casinos offer great promotions and gaming varieties. Some patrons seek the highest paying online casinos while others find the slots with the highest RTP in a casino. This review will look at some of the aspects concerning the top paying casinos. Some casinos do not divulge their RTP, such as Loki casino.

Our casino expert and author, Klara Czerwinska, always has updated casino information, and she agrees that the term highest paying Casino is not only about the total figure paid out at online casinos. Let’s dive into the 7 highest paying online casinos, and what that actually means.

The 7 Highest Paying Online Casinos

Industry leaders know that they need to strike a balance between the frequency of payout, the amounts paid out, and client satisfaction. The top 10 online casinos aren’t necessarily the ones with the highest RTP.

A high paying casino can be determined by a few different metrics. These are:

  • The total numerical figure of winnings the casino pays out within a specific period
  • Frequency of payouts that popular online casinos hand out
  • Frequency of large payouts over a certain period

The seven highest paying casinos available online in terms of payout rate are:

1.   Fun Casino

With a payout rate of 97.50%, Fun casino tops the list. New clients can look forward to a registration bonus that is matched up to 100%. The bonus can be a maximum of €123. This entity also provides jackpot games which contribute to its high RTP.

The jackpot games all display the amount that is up for grabs at the bottom of the icon. This makes it easier for clients to see their potential winnings.

2.   32 Red Casino

32 Red Casino is both a high paying casino and an award-winning casino. Clients who open up a new account can win up to £100 from £10. This £10 is awarded to clients just for registering with no deposit requirement.

This entity also offers free spins. 32Red Casino features 18 jackpot games and instructions on how clients can win at progressive jackpots. 32Red Casino has an RTP of 97.33%.

3.   888 Casino

888 casino has an RTP of 96.90%. It has many years of experience as it was founded in 1997. This casino holds multiple awards and is a multinational entity. The slots and jackpots offered by this provider contribute to its high RTP.

4.   Ladbrokes Casino

This online gaming provider offers 20 colossal jackpot games with the potential amounts displayed at the bottom of each respective game. This casino offers multiple promotions ranging from its welcome offer to instant spins. The casino’s promotions are different for each segment, thus increasing its appeal to a wide variety of clients. The RTP at this casino is 96.85%.

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5.   NetBet Casino

NetBet Casino has an RTP of 96.65%. When signing up with this casino, you are awarded €100 when you deposit €50. This Casino has a daily jackpot segment that features more than 40 games where players can win big. The RTP of the other slot machines at this provider is also pretty impressive.

6.   Genesis Casino

Genesis Casino starts you off with a welcome bonus match of 100% up to £100 and 300 free spins. With an RTP of 96.50% and a quality gaming experience, it is easy to see why this is a popular casino choice for many clients. Genesis Casino features jackpots and publicizes its winners.

7.   Mansion Casino

Mansion casino makes a list with an RTP of 96.5%. This entity was launched in 2004, giving it an edge above competitors with regards to experience. This provider offers a welcome bonus of up to £200. The Casino offers players excellent jackpots and drop and win games.

Gamble and Game at the Highest Paying Online Casinos

When searching for an online casino, most high paying casinos feature impressive prize pools and online casino big bonuses.


When choosing an online casino, don’t forget to check the RTP. The average RTP for the available games will give you a fair indication of whether the entity is a high paying one, worth committing to.


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