7 Reasons You Need a Virtual Private Server for Your Growing Business


If your business has grown in size, then you are probably going to have to consider upgrading the type of server you use (Check out this link for a great article on the choices). Shared servers are fine for a small business, but once you go that step further, you need more bang for your buck, and more flexibility; while a dedicated server is also a choice. Here we are going to look at why a VPS is such a good choice for a growing business compared to the other servers you could choose.

There is no doubt that a VPS will cost you more than a shared server, but that extra cost is because of the facilities and flexibility it gives, and the extra bandwidth, disk space etc. that you get. A dedicated private server may be ideal for many larger businesses, but if you do not already have staff to run the server you will need to pay somebody to do so. There is also the initial outlay for the equipment and the maintenance to consider. A dedicated server can become a very expensive option.

A VPS is perfect for this, and once you upgrade to a VPS whenever you need more resources they will be at hand. Many suppliers will only charge you for the resources you use, so if you are in a seasonal business, you are only going to pay for the extra you need at peak times at those peak times. There are many advantages with a cloud based system, and it is a great way to prepare for scaling up; unfortunately, not all hosts have that capability yet.

As with a shared server, you will have support for your needs. Being able to contact an agent for a live chat at any time of the day or night is a great safety blanket, and one that is not present if you are having to pay for somebody to come and fix your equipment.

You may believe that you have to sign a contract that ties you to a web host for your VPS service, but that is not always true. In fact, you should look for a provider like www.bestwebhosting.co.uk who pride themselves on having no contracts, enabling you to try another host whenever you want. With no set-up fees or contract, there is nothing to consider as outlay, and that gives you flexibility to change.

Most VPS systems will come with added security, and the minimum you should look for is an added firewall to protect your site and the server. There is also added security as you are now not sharing a server with others (you are in a virtual environment), which may have caused security issues; but that is not the only security you will get. You will also have the security of knowing your server has a backup system to reduce data loss, and often a backup system to a cloud.

Management Flexibility
Depending on your experience and skill with server systems, you can have the flexibility of either having a self-managed, semi-managed, or a fully-managed package. Most people would prefer a fully managed package as it means everything is always up to date and includes the latest apps and patches, and you do not need to learn how to manage the server yourself

Self Control
Perhaps the most important thing is being able to make decisions about your server that are not affected by others. This means you can install the software you want, server add-ons, and any SSL certificates you choose. You will also have root access to take control of the server at the highest levels. You will now have complete control over your virtual server.

Some will say there are disadvantages with a VPS too, but as the main disadvantage is cost, that is only true for those who do not need any control or expanded service; and we are not talking about them. Though something that you may need to check is the amount virtual accounts running on a server at any one time as that could affect you at some point.


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