7 Ways to Manage Your Social Media Accounts


Social media management allows you to analyze audiences, develop a strategy to approach them and their needs, and create and share quality content. Managing one social media account is hectic on its own let alone several accounts. But all’s not lost if you have the right tools; these 7 sure ways of managing your social media accounts will grant a much easier experience.

1) Pick the right social media platform

The first thing you need to do is pick the right social media platform. In order to do that, you need to determine which platforms work best for your brand as some platforms don’t have your target audience. Understanding where your target audience is most active is key in reaching the potential customers you need to make your business or social media account grow.

2) Conduct a social media audit

Every now and then you need to ‘check inventory’ on your social media accounts by conducting an audit through any type of social media analytics that will help you take the next step forward. An audit can help you determine if your strategy is effective, whether your resources are being wasted or not, and which social media channels bring you the most audience engagement.

3) Gain followers with an auto follower software

This might seem like a rogue marketing technique, but it’s actually one that brings in results. Instagram followers are important to any business. According to the HTTP-COM’s guide on Insta bots, using an Instagram auto-follower bot as a marketing technique is a time-saver and can actually bring you real people to follow. The guide also offers you the best software bots to use to bring the optimum results. Based on the targets you set out according to the location, hashtags or similar content, it will reach out to a public profile acting on your behalf and it will leave a comment. When that account sees it, they’ll be intrigued to check your profile out and once they discover your content is something they’ll be interested in, they’ll follow you. This way, you’ve gained real followers not fake ones through an automated marketing technique.

4) Use social media management software

Using social media means you have to be consistent and available throughout the day. If you’re managing different social media accounts, it can get a little hard following up with the many likes and comments as well as your own content sharing. Social media management software ranges from a variety of tools to help you and your team run the accounts smoothly. It will save you a ton of time because you will be able to schedule posts for publishing and monitor engagement. You can also use an editorial calendar to stay on track of your social media strategies and remember to make use of opportunities that will expand your business.

5) Try out content management tools

Content creation is probably the most important aspect of your social media accounts. To always stay on top of things and constantly attract a new target audience, your content needs to be up-to-date and creative. There are many content creation tools that can organize your content workflow, listen in on current trending topics and how they can be relevant to your business, creatively design your content to be more appealing, and understand your audience.

6) Know your audience and their persona

Truly understanding your audience is one of the core strategies of managing a social media account. You need to be aware of who is engaging the most, who is just learning about your brand and who is yet to discover your business. Many social platforms allow you to collect detailed data on your audience so you can understand your community. Based on that, you can create the right and suitable content for them; tailored content actually sparks audience engagement.

7) Connect with influencers

Influencer marketing has grown drastically in the past three years, and collaborating with influencers has become one of the main social media marketing techniques for business. It allows you to raise brand awareness, tap into a new market and its audience, and increase profit. Choose an influencer who is not only popular with followers and actively engages with them, but also one who relates to your business.

Continue to evolve

The use of social media and social networking had advanced greatly over the past few years, pushing businesses and individuals to pay great attention to their online presence. It’s necessary to continue to evolve digitally, keep up with online trends and tap into new markets for your business to truly grow.


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