8 Must-Haves to Look in a Digital Marketing Agency for Startups


Every startup company holds the capacity to grow if it has the right guidance, ideas, funding, and a professional Melbourne based digital marketing agency to achieve success goals. When you want to expand your business’s horizons, it is vital to be a part of the digital era.

Today digital marketing is recognised as one of the best approaches as it is output-oriented, cost-effective, and steadfast resulting. Every startup business today requires a website, social media presence and actionable strategies to improve their brand’s presence in the market.

However, before starting with the process, you need to understand what your startup must consider while hiring a digital marketing agency and its services. Below are the eight must-haves to look for in a marketing firm before partnering with them.

What to Consider While Hiring Digital Marketing Agency for Startups?

  1. Website

The first thing that you need to consider is the website of a digital marketing firm. Examine whether their site is updated to current strategies or has all the capabilities that any website should host. Website is one thing that speaks loudly about the company’s achievements, competency, and efforts.

From the blog post section, about us, services to the privacy policy, look into everything when you visit the site. From all these sections you will come to know about their way of working and also customer’s reviews on the services. Ensure that their efforts make your startup site trending.

  1. Background research

The background check is crucial before you move forward in the process of hiring a digital marketing agency. Verify that do the professionals practice what they preach? The most beneficial way to know whether the agency is correct or not is by analysing the results they have produced.

For example, if you want content marketing services from the marketing firm, then check out how do they execute their blog? The same goes for social media and SEO. If they are unable to achieve what they are promising, then it’s better to look for another firm.

  1. Referrals for the credibility

Before extending the contract with the marketing expert for their service, it is vital to check their profile and market image. Either you can take the reference from their ex-clients or customers to know their work pattern.

Check how well the firm can manage to boost your startup company’s presence on search engines. The best way could be the portfolio examination or testimonials, which are on the website.

  1. Range of services 

The best digital firm provides you with a wide range of marketing services that suit your company’s requirements. The agency you choose should offer marketing in every aspect, i.e., from social media, PPC, content writing to website designing. Also, the firm should provide additional services like email marketing, reputation marketing, etc.

Implementing one or more marketing services into your business plan can help you take your startup firm to the next level. Here your aim should be to look for the firm that assures you maximum people know about your startup company executing marketing services. When customers know about your business, eventually, your annual revenue will also increase.

  1. Current technology, software & marketing methods

It is always best to hire digital marketing experts who are familiar with advanced monitoring and analytics tools. Knowing these tools will help them to track the results from time to time and can make the needed changes that can boost your startup business and take it ahead of your competitors.

  1. Fulfils all your startup’s objectives & concepts

A renowned online marketing company can work in terms with any startup’s shared objectives and concepts. Nature of your business must relate to the strategies or plans of the marketing firm. Choose the one that ensures you to help you achieve all your business success goals.

  1. Flexible in making communication and transparent

The marketing firm you want to choose should not lapse in terms of communication. They should be able to transfer core messages like progress, process or other actions. Transparency in any project is essential when you want success for your business. It takes the best digital marketing agency to flourish your startup with insightfulness in their coming process.

  1. The budget 

Being a startup business, you might have a tight budget initially. Your marketing budget must match up your business. Thus, make sure that you get the best firm with your stipulated account. But never compromise on quality for marketing companies that provide competitive pricing. Just do market research before making the final informed decision for your startup.


In a nutshell, the must-haves of a right digital marketing agency include transparency, industry experience, assurance of goals completion, a wide range of services, and a clear understanding. Thus, whenever you choose any agency for your startup business ensure that you cross-checked for all these features. It is necessary to hire the right marketing partner for your business at the initial level as these years are significant for your long-term success.


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