8 of the Most Eco-Friendly Casinos in the World


Climate change and environmentalism are currently two hot topics. It’s no surprise casinos are also looking for more ways to be environmentally friendly. With millions of people playing at casinos annually, they can be significant contributors to consumer waste.

We’ve examined eight of the most eco-friendly casinos in the world. Our author Jorgen Aasgen has been involved in the hotel management business and has extensive knowledge of casinos. He was the perfect choice to compile this list. If you want to learn about him click here.

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Turtle Creek Casino

Turtle Creek Casino and Resort is located in Williamsburg, Michigan. The casino has taken an interesting and creative approach to reduce its electrical costs and use.

By installing skylights in the casino, they can use natural lighting to light up the rooms. In turn, this has dramatically reduced the need for electrical lighting. Ultimately, this ends up being great for the environment.

Resorts World Sentosa

Resorts World Sentosa is a famous casino and resort found in Singapore. The resort serves countless local and international tourists every year.

One innovative practice is that plastic straws have been eliminated by the resort. Additionally, other single-use plastics such as water bottles are no longer used. It’s estimated this has reduced plastic waste by approximately 1.2 tonnes.

Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City

Harrah’s Resort in Atlantic City is striving to be eco-friendly in several ways. Over a third of the lights are energy-efficient, with efforts underway to eventually replace all of the lights. The resort continually looks for ways to reduce waste in all forms, including food, water, and energy waste.

In the past seven years, they have recycled more than 760 tonnes of waste. For these reasons, Harrah’s Resort can definitely be considered environmentally friendly.

Sibaya Casino

Sibaya Casino is found in South Africa. They compost food and other wastes right onsite. Their way of managing waste is as environmentally friendly as can be. This method of waste management means the casino contributes very little to pollution.

Composting has been standard practice at the casino ever since they first opened. Compost can later be used to fertilize the soil and help produce grow. It’s not hard to see why Sibaya is considered the most eco-friendly casino in Durban.

The Venetian Macao

The Venetian Macao is perhaps one of the most well-known casinos and resorts. Despite being highly luxurious, they manage to stay green. The use of electric cars is encouraged, and visitors will find separate parking.

The resort has made further efforts to save on electricity and reduce food waste. It is easy to see why the Venetian Macao might be the top destination for gambling in Asia.

MGM Resorts

MGM is a well-known company with resorts all over the world. They also have a green vision for the casinos and resorts they own.

Currently, they plan to phase out all plastic utensils such as forks, spoons and knives. This also extends to plastic straws. With the large number of guests served at all of their locations, this would have a major impact on reducing plastic waste globally.

Element Las Vegas Summerlin

The Summerlin Casino in Las Vegas has dedicated itself to being green for over a decade. One of the highlights is the use of energy-efficient appliances in the kitchens. Considering the number of guests that stay there, this can add up to significant energy saved.

The carpets are also made from recycled materials. Finally, the restaurants do not use any disposable serving ware. It is no wonder they are certified by Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.

Mandalay Bay Casino and Resort

Mandalay Bay is a well-known casino and green hotel in Las Vegas. First of all, they use LED lights for energy efficiency. The restaurants in the resort use ingredients that are local and sustainably sourced.

Even the wine they serve is sustainably produced. Finally, they recycle materials right on their premises. All of these contribute to Mandalay Bay being very eco-friendly.


It’s welcoming to see many casinos and resorts around the world making great strides in being eco-friendly. The number of guests visiting the various locations is in the millions, so their green approaches can have drastic impacts on the environment.


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