A Commercial Electrical Contractor Can Save Your Company Money…Here’s How!


No matter what type of commercial business you operate, you need to run it as efficient as possible. There are many different things that your company needs, and one of the most important things is electricity. It is safe to say that no modern company in the world could run without it. But electricity costs money, and the more of it you need the more you are going to pay. Luckily there are some things that you can do to help cut down on your energy spending. Today we will explore how electrical contractors can help you save money.

Correct Wiring

Having the correct wiring is very important to your company. Not only can a commercial electrical contractor provides you with modern electrical wiring, but they can also provide you with state-of-the-art internet cables. These cables will make your internet connection speeds faster, allowing you to process data more quickly. As you already know, when it comes to business, time is money! Having the right wiring will also make your building much safer. Old outdated wiring can cause electrical fires that can be devastating. This is just one reason to hire a commercial electrical contractor to take a look at your wiring. You would rather be safe than sorry.

Backup Generators

When there is a disturbance in the power grid, it can cost you money. The longer you will have to stay closed, the more money you are losing. Instead of waiting for the power to come back on, you should be able to rely on a backup generator. A professional electrical contractor like American Electric Jacksonville can install a generator at your property. They can wire it into your existing power grid. When the power goes out, the generator will automatically come on and restore power. This can save you a lot of downtime, and your workers can continue to stay productive. While your competition is in the dark, you will be bringing in the cash. Backup generators combined with power banks can help keep your equipment running even after a natural disaster. So why not be prepared for those uncertain times?

Energy Saving Solutions

As we mentioned above electricity costs a lot of money. So using less of it while still getting work done is important. A commercial electrical contractor can save you money in several ways. First, they will come into your business and do an energy audit. This audit will take a deep look at your power usage, and suggest ways that you can save. Some of the solutions that can come from an energy audit include installing LED lighting, replacing old HVAC systems, and more. There are lots of ways to save money on power, and a contractor can help you get started in the right direction. The faster you give them a call, the quicker you will start to save money.

Safer Parking

If the parking lot at your commercial location is dark then you should do something about it. Having ample lighting in your parking lot can make your property much safer. Not only will it help prevent someone from getting hurt it could prevent a lawsuit. It is your job as the owner or manager of the company, to ensure that the parking lot is safe for all. An electrical contractor can come in and install new parking lot lights to brighten things up. This will also help to protect your property from robberies and other crimes.

Proper Electrical Maintenance

Just like any part of your company, you have to maintain your electrical system. Proper maintenance will ensure that everything is working properly each and every day. Preventive maintenance can help you find problems before they become bigger. This will allow you to fix any issues and avoid downtime. Small problems that are fixed quickly, will cost much less than bigger ones. For example, having to call out an electrical contractor during the weekend due to a power outage can set you back a pretty penny. During the week, however, your costs will be much less.

Better Working Conditions

When your employees have to work in low light conditions, they can potentially get hurt. By hiring a professional contractor to fix lighting and add additional lighting, your workers will be safer. This could save you tons of money by helping you avoid work-related injuries and even lawsuits. So if the lighting inside of your building is not sufficient, make sure to call an electrical contractor and have the problem fixed.

Automated Lighting

Many companies waste lighting which adds to their overall cost of operation. For example, when no one is in the restroom but the lights are still on, that is money wasted. A contractor can help you stop wasting money by installing automated lighting. When someone walks into the room, the lights will come on and then turn off when no motion has been detected for a certain amount of time. Depending on the size of your building, this could save you a lot of money.

Solar Power

One of the best ways to save on energy is by installing solar panels on top of commercial buildings. Many commercial buildings have a flat roof that is perfect for these panels. Once installed, they will begin to pay for themselves by reducing or eliminating your electric bill. Certified electricians can install solar panels on your rooftop in just a few days. You will start to see savings right away, and you will be doing your part to help protect the planet.

In Conclusion

These are just a few ways that commercial electrical contractors like American Electric can save your company money. They can make sure that your electrical system is properly installed, and working correctly. These men and women can help reduce downtime and come up with energy solutions that save you big. So if have not had an energy audit lately, why not get the ball rolling by calling a commercial electrical contractor? You will be glad that you did!


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