A Citi Premier Card Review


With 3 points awarded for every $1 spent on airfare in addition to 3 points awarded for every $1 spent at lodging establishments, restaurants, grocery stores, and petrol stations, a Citi Premier product is an excellent credit card for rewards related to travel and eating.

If a person with strong credit can fully utilize the bonus benefits, the $95 yearly premium is worth it. Apart from continuous bonus rewards on qualified travel and eating expenses, this Citi Premier Credit Card Review shows it provides a substantial welcome bonus: 60,000 points upon spending $4,000 within the first three months. Depending on how the extra points are redeemed, they might be worth up to $600.

Citi Premier does, however, feature a high regular annual percentage rate and no 0% introductory interest rates. Therefore, applying is only advised if you intend to pay the entire amount due each month, as carrying a balance may prove to be derogatory to your financial standing.

First Bonus

You will receive 60,000 extra points if, within three months of creating an account, you spend at least $4,000. With thankyou.com gift certificates or travel vouchers, that incentive is valued at $600. That is among the market’s largest welcome incentives. Do we really need to say more?

Three Points for Every $1 Spent

Citi Premier offers straightforward recurring incentives. With most purchases, you receive one point for every $1 spent.

The only exceptions are purchases made at supermarkets, restaurants, petrol stations, motels, and airlines, which award three points for every $1 spent. Additionally, for a certain period, you may get 10 points overall for every $1 spent on lodging, vehicle rentals, or attractions (excluding plane travel) when you make reservations via the Citi Travel website.

No fees for overseas transactions

If a credit card for travel rewards has foreign transaction fees (https://www.nimblefins.co.uk/foreign-transaction-fees-explained), you should never see them. Fortunately, there is no need to cover your eyes when looking at Citi Premier, since it does not impose any of these annoying fees that can increase the cost of overseas travel as well as purchases made from foreign merchants.

Highlights of the Citi Premier Card: $95 Annual Fee

An annual $95 membership fee is charged, which has to be paid right away to prevent interest charges and, eventually, to maintain the integrity of your account. Depending on your annual spending and the benefits you receive, you can decide if it makes sense to pay this bill. In any case, it must surpass the expense and the presence of more affordable alternatives.

Elevated Periodic APR

Since the Citi Premier card’s normal APR is expected to be high, you should strive to avoid carrying a debt from month to month. Advertised rates range from 21.24% to 29.24% (V), contingent on creditworthiness. Thus, it varies from over average for a person with good credit to much above average for a person with mediocre credit. In light of the fact that approval for this card requires at least excellent credit, neither extreme is really user-friendly.

No introductory rates of 0%

Interest-free financing is available on many of the greatest credit cards available, including those that are purportedly intended for rewards months after the account opening period. A few provide 0% interest on both balance transfers and new purchases, while others provide neither.

That is not the case with the Citi Premier card. You won’t receive a lower initial interest rate from it. Instead, its negative normal APR will take effect right now. Thankfully, you should be able to obtain a charge card featuring an initial interest rate of 0% in the event that you meet the requirements associated with the Citi Premier Card.

Additional Considerations for Citi Premier: Points Never Expire and Earnings Are Unlimited

Among the cunning credit card companies’ ploys are earning restrictions, and incentive expiry dates been considerably reduced following the great recession. Nonetheless, it’s crucial to note that Citi Premier does not constitute one of those cards because some still conceal these disclaimers in their tiny print. This helps to clarify matters and lessens the need to strategically redeem.

Several Chances for Redemption & Transfer

Citi Premier points may be redeemed for cash incentives, gift cards, and reservations made for travel via Citi. On top of that, you may pay off your student loan or mortgage with any lender, “Shop with Points” on Amazon.com, transfer your points balance to a single of Citi’s hospitality partners (which, incidentally, don’t include domestic airlines), and make mortgage or student loan payments to any lender.

Advantages for Citi Cardholders

There are some semi-exclusive advantages to carrying any Citi Card within your wallet, such as access to a personal concierge and ticket chances via Citi Entertainment. Although many cardholders never utilize these features, they might prove to be quite helpful.

Basically, if you use your credit card to travel or attend shows and attractions, this might be the card you need in your wallet to maximize on the perks involved in that type of entertainment.


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