A Decade Marked by Innovation, & a Journey of Transformation


As zö agency proudly commemorates its ten-year milestone, Bend’s narrative continues to intertwine seamlessly with the agency’s trailblazing approach to marketing.

Firmly positioned as a cornerstone in Bend and Central Oregon’s evolution, zö agency has organically flourished hand in hand with partnerships that have gracefully forged the region’s progress.

From its inception, zö agency’s presence has woven itself into the very fabric of Central Oregon’s identity, serving clients like Deschutes County and the City of Bend; and hopping onto the scene of local luminaries like the delish Deschutes Brewery, Avid Cider Co, and Three Creeks Brewing Company. zö agency has deeply contributed to places like The High Desert Museum, and the Deschutes Public Libraries for a full decade now as they further advance into vibrant centers of learning. The local impact on elevated healthcare through HighLakes Healthcare and countless other practitioners has greatly influenced the healthcare systems in Central Oregon today, and zö’s impactful contributions have played a pivotal role in driving transformative community initiatives. This can be seen represented by their involvement in projects like Volunteers in Medicine and the Houselessness in Deschutes endeavor.

The narrative created by zö agency is just one thread in our community, as zö continues to embrace a diverse spectrum of clients from local businesses to nonprofits. Sonja Anderson, founder and CEO of zö agency, captures the heart of zö’s journey in Bend, stating, “Bend is in a thriving state of perpetual motion, an energy that propels change. We are in sync with that rhythm, channeling our commitment to empower businesses, celebrate diversity, and catalyze positive change.”

Going beyond the confines of traditional marketing, the agency emerges as a visionary force driving transformation in Bend and its wider sphere. As a full-service agency, zö seamlessly handles an array of tasks, spanning from digital and traditional marketing to production, PR, SEO, and even immersive brand and messaging workshops — a testament to the agency’s versatile expertise. While serving clients on both national and regional scales, zö agency remains deeply rooted in its Bend origins, where it feels like home.

Beyond the trophies and accolades, zö agency’s legacy continues to unfold as an ongoing part of Central Oregon’s bustling growth. From rejuvenating local icons to amplifying authentic voices that resonate, its portfolio is a testament to progress. Anderson acknowledges, “Our clients, from the grand to the grassroots, are the heartbeat of our journey. Their aspirations propel us forward, nurturing growth, forging connections, and weaving a tapestry of positive change.”

The ten-year milestone signifies not just a commemoration, but a promise of continued transformation. If you’re prepared to play a part in Oregon’s unfolding narrative, ready to transcend boundaries, and eager to contribute to positive change, zö agency extends an invitation to embark on this authentic growth expedition.

Experience the vibe at zo.agency or get in touch directly at connect@zo.agency.



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