A Guide to Designing the Perfect Logo


Part of running a successful business is having a killer logo that gets your message across – you’re doomed to fail without one. However, reaching that perfect design isn’t an easy task. If you’re here looking for inspiration, don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Throughout this article, we will guide you through everything from defining your brand to the finished product.

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Your Brand

You have a personality that is portrayed by what you wear, and your business is no different. Before you start drawing up ideas for your chosen creative branding agency, you need to decide what message you are trying to give and who the target demographic is. Think about how you, and your customers, would describe the business in a few words. Also, decide what you find important in the world and what makes you unique.

The Hard Part

Defining your brand shouldn’t be too hard because it likely echoes your own personality. The hard part comes now that you’ve got to hunt for inspiration. This is an extremely difficult task when so many logos already exist. The first step is to put everyone’s heads together and map out some ideas, no matter how bad they are. Alternatively, you can start creating a mood board to collate all of the images you are drawn to.

Scope Out the Competition

Who better to grab ideas from than already well-established businesses? Have a look at everything and find out what works and what doesn’t. Figure out what makes them different and work out how you can make yours unique from theirs.

Design Stages: Style

Now that you’ve done your research, it’s time to start working out some designs. The style you decide on will form part of your aesthetic and build upon how your company logo will talk to its audience. Your logo style can be whatever you want it to be; you’re not bound by the borders of classic, retro, handmade, fun, or modern, so mix it up and have some fun with it.

Design Stages: Types

Although you can have fun with the style, there are 7 types of logos that you should aim to follow. These include monogram logos, logotypes, symbols, abstract logo marks, mascots, combination marks, and emblems.

Design Stages: Color

Every color holds a different meaning. This step will require you to put in some more research time to learn what it is you want to say through your colors.

Design Stages: Typography

Your font needs to complete your logo and complement it. Typically, there are four different font types to play around with – serif fonts, sans serif fonts, script fonts, and display fonts. There’s nothing to stop you from blending more than one font to make a statement.

Bring It All In

Now that you’ve designed your logo, it’s time to bring it all together and find yourself a quality designer. They will be able to work with you and offer feedback and suggestions before working on the final product.

Creating a logo is hard work, but by following the steps above, you will get there in no time.


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