A Letter From the Upper Deschutes River Communities


To:  Friends of the UDRC 

Since the inception of the $500 Defensible Space Reimbursement Program, the Upper Deschutes River Communities (UDRC) has helped homeowners in Three Rivers South become firewise property owners.  In 2019, we reimbursed 21 owners a total of $11,500 in 23 communities.

The UDRC is operated entirely by community volunteers and receives all funding from grants and community donations. Currently, we have dedicated funding for the Low-income Senior/Disabled program, but the $500 reimbursement program is fully allocated. We need additional reserves and we are asking all communities in Three Rivers South for a contribution. 

These programs positively benefit all property owners, increase property values and are an important resource for communities to continue to support their residents/owners. Click here for a fact sheet on the UDRC’s 2020 operations, including our defensible space programs for your review.

If you have any questions, please call or email me, or feel free to contact any of our Board of Directors.

Stay safe and wear a mask.


Jerry Hubbard, President



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