Accidents in the Workplace


While your workplace should be relatively safe from harm, there is always a chance that you may get hurt, particularly if you are in a career that uses a lot of machinery or heavy tools. Keeping yourself and your colleagues safe should be your number one priority at all times.

We have collated the 5 most common workplace accidents (click the link for further reading on construction site accidents), to help you avoid future injury within your workplace, and to understand how these issues may occur.

Slips and Trips

In any workplace, there would be a chance of occupational injury caused by slips and trips. This may be caused by recklessness, missteps or, at times, the fault of those within the company. Any wet or slippery surfaces should be marked as such to prevent injury to both those who work in the environment, as well as those visiting. Injuries caused by these slips and trips could be minor, such as a bit of bruising, but can also cause extensive damage such as fractured or broken bones.


Cuts and lacerations caused by the use of workplace tools can occur if proper safety equipment is not used. Something as simple as wearing safety gloves when operating handheld or electronic sawing equipment can make a big difference and possibly save your appendages. Any PPE provided to you by your employer should be worn at all times.


Exposed wires or short circuiting can cause electrocution. While this may only seem minimal within offices, especially in comparison to the risk undertaken by those who work near power cables, there is still a risk of serious injury. Something as simple as spilling a drink onto a power supply may cause significant harm, especially in those who already have heart problems.


Falling from surfaces can cause harm. It does not matter if the fall is a mere few feet or from a great height, extensive damage can still be done. For those who work at heights, it is vital that you have the correct harnesses and other protective equipment. These must also be checked before every job to ensure that, should you fall, they will do what they have been designed to and protect you.

Vehicular Accidents

For those working in construction, haulage, or even warehouses, vehicles may be present throughout the working day. Failure to see colleagues, a problem with the vehicle itself, and foolish behavior can all cause injuries and accidents within the workplace. Only trained and qualified professionals should be using the vehicles, and only in the way that they were intended.

Staying safe at work is more important that any deadlines or profits. By following your workplace’s policies and procedures regarding health, safety, and the reporting of any accidents, you will be making your workplace both safer and more compliant with any regulations.


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