Accomplished Under 40 – Where Are They Now?


(Cory Allen, SVP, Commercial Banking Team Leader for Columbia Bank)

As CBN celebrates our 13th year of honoring young business leaders in Central Oregon, we — along with our sponsor, U.S. Bank — thought it would be fun to take a look at some of our past award winners and ask…

Where Are They Now?

Next in this series is Cory Allen, SVP, Commercial Banking Team Leader for Columbia Bank, who received this award in 2011.

  1. What advice would you give to your former self at the time you were featured in CBN Accomplished Under 40?

Embrace the process and slow down! Take a minute to enjoy all the things that we so often overlook in our daily routines. Spend less time focusing / worrying about items outside of your control and look for ways you can improve areas that are within your purview.

  1. What has changed the most in Central Oregon since you were chosen for Accomplished Under 40?

Lots of obvious ones such as traffic, population and general growth. There are often opponents on both sides of the aisle on this in terms of the benefits we receive from it and the “don’t move here” voice. What I feel is most important and the greatest benefit of the above mentioned is the effect this has had on our local economy. There is now significantly more industry and opportunities for career choices. Our diversification has grown tremendously and we are now not only a great place to live, but a great place to work as well.

  1. How has your career and community involvement changed since you were recognized for Accomplished Under 40?

My career has continued down the commercial banking path but my roles have evolved and expanded. Columbia Bank has been very supportive of our team and community and we continue to grow locally and in our bank footprint. My community involvement has become a greater passion and focus of mine. I allocate more time on various boards, committees and am a member of the Greater Bend Rotary club. I am always impressed by my Rotary group and all the great contributions we have made locally and internationally.

  1. What did it mean to you when you were selected for Accomplished Under 40?

I thought it was great! I was very encouraged by the recognition and appreciative of the time my nominator took to submit my application. It’s great that CBN takes the time and energy to put on an event like this that recognizes the young talent in our area.

  1. What are some of your proudest accomplishments that contributed to your Accomplished Under 40 nomination?

I don’t feel it is one accomplishment in particular.  I think the bigger picture for me is the reaffirmation that hard work and commitment to your profession doesn’t go unnoticed.

  1. What advice would you give to this year’s winners (and future winners)?

Enjoy the process of your career development. Take time to look at the map of your life and future and be sure you are still following a route that gets you where you want to be when you reach your destination. Don’t be in such a hurry! Don’t expect it to come easy or be given to you, it takes hard work and dedication. Remember to take time to stop at the viewpoints and points of interest you will pass on the way, as you never know if you’ll pass by them again. If you find you are going a direction that isn’t working for you, take the next exit, but do
so thoughtfully.


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