How To Advertise Efficiently Your Roofing Company?


Your roofing company needs to be advertised to improve your market visibility both online and offline. Advertising is a good way of reaching out to a wider audience and letting your product be known and also offer the services your company provides. There can be practical and efficient ways of advertising your roofing company’s products and services without having to go to different houses and checking the roofs or cold calling potential clients.

Update Your Google My Business Page

Companies know that 70-80% of prospective clients and consumers look for local businesses on the internet. However, only half of local businesses have claimed the Google My Business (GMB) listing. It is important to claim your business on Google now if you haven’t done so. Also, optimize your listing while claiming your business. It is actually free and it also allows you to add important company information such as the company phone number, business website and mailing address. GMB has also updates that can allow you to add appointment links, have a direct messaging feature for easier lead contact and a Q&A section that allows you to answer questions from interested searchers.

Make A Customer-Friendly Website

Modern-day roofing marketing goes beyond the real-world setting. In this digital age, online website is the essential half of your strategy. Even if you are doing good with live sales and services, the potential for growth can still be maximized exponentially with a good company website. It should be optimized for web and mobile devices. On both platforms, the website should be easy to read, well-organized and should load quickly to attract customers. Make your website is ready for search engines too. Include some roofing SEO after formulating effective keywords to improve your chances of your website’s link showing up in search results for roofing services.

Include A Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social media marketing is gaining attention and significance these days. Social media presence can actually be good for roofing contractors and businesses. It promotes further awareness and audience by tapping into large networks of social media users of sites like Google and Twitter. Actively promote your products through blogs and videos. You can have followers and friends share your blogs and video posts, which would significantly extend your market audience reach. Share tips and helpful related to your business, like roof maintenance and simple repairs. People are more like to pay interest in companies that offer helpful advice and avail of their products and services.

Social media can boost your lead generation strategy by sharing customer testimonials and positive feedback along with pictures before and after roofing services. There may be other home improvement content that you’ll find useful and related to your business. You can share these contents and include your comments and opinions. Share blog posts to drive traffic to your company website. You can also pair up with local housing contractors to make a promotion and share it on your personal social media account and business social media pages.

Get Real Reviews From Customers


Most of the times, customers don’t write reviews for your company unless you ask them. Customers most often make reviews when they’re about negative experiences or being unhappy with the quality of service or products. If you have an established service and product quality with your current client base, improve your advertisement strategy by adding real reviews from customers. You can fetch customer reviews by asking them to provide reviews through a company card or though sending the customer an email request for a review.

Pair Up With Other Companies

You can also form a strategic alliance and co-market with other companies or contractors that have services or products relevant to your roofing company. This can provide better marketing opportunities for the paired companies. For example, a roofing company can pair up with a gutter-cleaning or solar panel company. Your company or partner company can provide discounts for customers who choose to avail of both services, like gutter cleaning and roofing repair or roofing installation with solar panel overlay.

Use the Weather To Your Advantage

Roofing can somewhat be a seasonal business and can actually benefit from adverse weather such as hail and storms. Most people may not know that their roofs are damaged until leaking happens during a rainy day. You can make use of storm tracker apps by giving yourself and social media and web users a heads-up, especially residents near or within the areas affected by weather disturbances.

Local Networking: Join Your Chamber of Commerce

Networking never goes out of use in advertising. Joining the Chamber of Commerce can help you connect with other businesses. Attend local business owner meetups to tell people about your roofing business and how it can be the “go to” company in conjunction with other businesses. It may also be an opportunity to build partnerships and referral networks and can increase your company’s local visibility if you get a listing on the Chamber of Commerce website.

Efficiently advertising your roofing company can be challenging. Roofs are essential home components that need replacement due to wear and tear. It is essential to have a strong overall presence both online and offline to keep your business afloat and ready for expansion. It just needs creativity, innovation and dedication to better promote your company.


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