Why Agile Estimation is An Amazing Tool


Agile has definitely been one of the major practical methodologies in the last few decades. Agile has a lot of advantages, so many companies choose to implement its methodologies in some way or other at the workplace in order to remain competitive. You are definitely going to get to your dream career, especially since companies are on the lookout for talent in the field.

What is Agile Estimating and Planning?

Agile is all about planning and estimation, and it is an extremely important part of how things function. Agile estimation deals with setting both long-term and short-term goals which are attainable, and they can also be used for gauging the progress of the project.

Agile is also about sticking to an overarching plain while you remain flexible with the happenings. Even in rapid and dynamically changing workplaces, Agile planning and estimation are sure to keep the development process going in the right direction.

Many tools are leveraged in this process to manage the software development process well. These tools are all useful, practical and reliable in terms of its usage, and they can help a lot when it comes to estimation. Agile planning involves the usage of these tools extensively, and they can help the user understand the various aspects to consider in that.

Flexibility is in-built to Agile, in the form of recalibration options. With this, teams can refer to their goals and progress in order to understand where they stand and plan for the Sprint duration accordingly.

Why Should Estimation Be Done?

By estimating and planning well in advance, you also have the chance to leave a little leeway for any potential problems that could happen. Therefore, if things do not progress as you want it to do so, you can still fall back on your plans and stick to it.

Communication with the client becomes easier when there is a specific plan in place. This means that you can easily tell your client about the work that you have mapped out for the near future, and the process becomes more transparent to all those involved.

Some of the tools used are great for team building, like Poker Planning. Using poker cards to check how much work can be done in a sprint session can be a great icebreaker, especially between teams from different departments.

Developers do not have to worry about committing a certain number of days to a single story if the estimation is done in the velocity method. There is less stress when estimates are carried out using user stories than days because stress about whether the things would get over in time is alleviated by Agile planning and estimation.

What is Agile Estimating and Planning Course?

Agile Estimating and Planning Training is an 8-hour workshop conducted over a day, where the students gain an understanding of Agile principles and how estimation is important to it. Students are taught the methods to carry out estimations, along with the principles behind Affinity Sizing, Poker Planning, Ideal Days and Complexity Buckets (which are all tools used in planning).



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