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Protech machine tool manufacture machinery with high-quality CNC lathes produced by Mori Seiki. CNC lathes are one of the important tools used in manufacturing machinery.

What are CNC lathes?

CNC stands for computer numerical control which means a machine that is operated by a computer system.

CNC lathes are simple machine tools used where a part or material is supposed to be held in place and smoothly rotated by the main spindle. It is used as a cutting tool that works with various mounted axes which help them to move.

The CNC lathes were traditionally used in metalworking, metal spinning, thermal spraying glass working, parts reclamation and woodturning.

The centre is used to hold the workpiece in order to accommodate different lengths during work. CNC plates were designed to give precise instructions to the machine part for precise specification.

A simple CNC lathe has two axes with a cutting tool in a fixed position. Modern CNC lathes are equipped with multiple axes. These modern CNC lathes can perform additional tasks like drilling, milling, taping and even complex part manufacturing processes that save money and time to transfer to another machinery for a second operation. Other bases of axes and functions there are different types of CNC lathes.

Types of CNC lathes

Different types of CNC lattice are available on the basis of their axes.

●       2-Axis CNC lathes

This is a basic type of CNC lathe machine with two linear axes to perform basic cylindrical machining and facing operation or drilling in taping the centre part. It does not allow milling

●       3-Axis CNC lathes

As the same name suggests three-axis CNC lathe has a C axis and a life tool system added that allows the part 2 position for milling boring tapping operation. Helical milling operation is a little slow in this type of CNC lathe.

●       4-Axis CNC lathes

In 4 axis CNC lathe Y axis is added to perform the Central machining operation. The fourth axis is well versed for irregular and complex late work.

●       5-Axis CNC lathes

Five-axis CNC late has a second turret along with a three-axis CNC lathe. This machine has two axes at each upper and lower turret with C-axis in the rotating spindle. This allows the user to use two tools at the same part and time which increases machine speed drastically.

●       6- axis CNC lathe

It includes a C axis with primary and secondary spindle along with two turrets at upper and lower with two linear axes. The upper 2 rate and second spindle then move together at the y-axis. They are generally not needed in regular manufacturing needs but are highly sophisticated and complex machines with advanced technology.

Why does Mori Seiki rule in CNC lathes?

Mori Seiki CNC lathes have high precision for every machining part. They have high rigidity motors which offer powerful milling, turning and other operations with ease. The BMT technology is best with y-axis milling and avoids overheating with its cooling and energy-saving system. They are easy to use and effective for many parts.

Appliances of Mori Seiki CNC lathes

CNC lathe material was used in many machines. Their use provides a precisely finished product or a beautiful part. They are versatile so they are useful in industries like automobile, automotive, electronics, firearm, manufacturing, aerospace Sports and many more.

CNC lathes are used in baseball bats, camshafts, bowls, crankshafts, musical instruments, sign boards, cue sticks, and table chair legs.


CNC lathes should be used with utmost care. Although the programming is complex but useful for many purposes and industries. Mori Seiki CNC lathes are known for their superior build and quality.


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