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When you think about the hiring process, you traditionally think about job descriptions, resumes, cover letters and the interview process.

As a business owner, you create a vibrant job description that includes a company overview, job responsibilities and compensation information.

As an applicant, you compile a targeted cover letter tailored to the position and supply an organized timeline with descriptions of your work history.

But have you considered using video to accomplish these same tasks?

Video helps convey feelings and incite emotional response and provides the viewer an opportunity to make a more memorable connection. As a digital agency, we understand the impact video can have on marketing and applying for a new role or recruiting talent is its own kind of marketing!

Studies have shown that video helps over 75 percent of consumers make buying decisions…so why not leverage that statistic to sell yourself as an employee or your company as the ideal workplace?

Use Video to Land a Job

As a job seeker, video affords you the ability to better introduce yourself to hiring managers as more than just another digital applicant. Think of your video as a living version of your resume and bring who you are to life.

Use your typical job application submission components to generate a script:

  • Start by introducing yourself concisely and explain why you’d be a good fit for the specific position or role you’re applying for.
  • Explain the work history on your resume by telling your story.
  • Highlight your skills and strengths while looking into the camera. This promotes greater confidence in your background and promotes more trust than a written resume.
  • Allow you personality to shine and make sure the company you’re applying for knows you did your research.
  • Explain not only why you want the position but why THAT position with THAT company.

Video applications humanize you and give hiring managers and recruiters the ability to get to know you better.

Recruit Better with Video

Want to recruit top talent that WANTS to work for you? Video can help to better convey company culture and allows applicants and job seekers to get a feel for your organization before they even apply.

  • Provide a company overview using current staff and management to allow applicants to get a feel for your culture.
  • Show applicants a day in the life, a peak into the office environment and let them get to know some of the leaders they would be reporting to.
  • Allow current staff to share their experiences working for you. Job seekers often use written online employer review sources, provide them a different medium to obtain the same information

Additionally, the benefits of using video recruiting in conjunction with digital marketing efforts can increase awareness in open positions and support social and SEO (search engine optimization) efforts.

Here’s a few places to consider using your recruiting videos:

  • Social Media — posting to social outlets allows viewers an opportunity to share your content with others and drive more awareness to your open positions.
  • Website — drive users to stay longer learn more about your company through a video on your careers page.
  • Add to Job Postings — make your job description come to life with a visual component and help applicants get to know your company faster.

When you combine video messaging with SEO efforts, you can drive more traffic to your website, social media and open positions.

So, whether you’re on the hunt for your next job or looking to find great new talent to add to your organization, video is a great way to engage, inform and create awareness.


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