It’s All About Family at Country Catering


Friendly, homestyle barbeque is only a part of the many amenities to be found at the tight-knit family owned business of Country Catering. Country Catering has been a family owned business for more than 40 years, in more than one form. It all started in Santa Barbara with Frank Serbus Sr. and the business has now evolved into a well-known hit in Central Oregon thanks to following generations, Frank and Cody Serbus.

“We started out as a meat market and deli,” said Cody Serbus, son of Frank and co-owner of Country Catering. “We sold tri tip, which not many people did in Bend back in 1993 when we moved here.”
Frank knew even before the family moved that he was meant to continue the business of Country Catering in the high desert. Cody also knew he would soon be helping his dad run the business, and began working full time when he was 21. Even though the Santa Barbara business has been sold, the legacy lives on. The best part is when so many different generations of family are working at the same time, the close sense of home radiates off every worker.

“In the summertime, we can have up to 12 different family members working throughout the day, along with close friends,” Cody said.

Cody said even Grandpa Frank will come up to visit for about a week during the summer and it’s a sight to see up to four different generations working at Country Catering.

Both Frank and Cody work back-to-back to cater events around town, as well as manage the restaurant. Country Catering is known for its graduation celebrations, wedding events and company parties. Cody said a move three years ago has allowed the company to expand, because now not only does the catering service cook for events all around the area, but also at its restaurant on Wilson Road in Bend.

“It was the perfect timing for us to move and we have held strong in this location,” Cody said. “We can do whatever we want with the space for the deli.”

That space is the open patio outside the restaurant, perfect for relaxing in the summertime.
“During the summer we have our ‘Party on the Patio’ with all-you-can-eat barbeque and live music,” Cody said. “Company parties can even be held here. We also have a happy hour and we are open 6:30am-6pm for breakfast, lunch and dinner.”

Country Catering is open during those hours from Monday-Friday, and from 9am-4pm on Saturdays.
The tight-knit group at Country Catering does a superb job of making sure its customers leave happy and eager to come back. Cody also mentioned his gratitude towards the loyal costumers who have greatly supported Country Catering, even after a negative review from a local newspaper last year.
“Thanks to the loyal costumers we’ve always had, we didn’t miss a beat,” Cody said. “We took it as motivation and brushed it off our backs.”

Both Cody and Frank know the amount of work it takes to keep their business on top, and they will continue to work hard for their costumers’ satisfaction.

“The main thing I tell new people working here is to make the food like it’s your own,” Cody said. “Treat it like you were going to be eating it.”

The combined work of both generations of the Serbus family plus the additional help of many more relatives and friends keeps Country Catering the perfect catering and food service for down-to-earth, homestyle barbeque.


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