2010 Top Projects


Welcome once again to our annual profile of the Central Oregon commercial construction and real estate industries. We have selected 21 projects this year, based on hard construction costs permitted in 2009.  Many have asked how we choose the projects, and after talking to architects, developers and builders in the region, the criteria to list the largest projects, based on hard cost, permitted last year made the most sense.

There are a wide variety of projects this year from schools and a manufacturing headquarters to a medical clinic and a rural airport remodel. This variety helps our community to grow in many different industries. Some of the projects are still under construction, while others are complete or near completion.

In total these projects alone will bring more than $135.6 million into our economy. Amazing as it may sound this is actually one million more than the previous year.

There are more great projects in the tri county area that may not have qualified under these criteria, but you can be assured that they will be featured in an upcoming issue of Cascade Business News.
Many thanks to all of the owners, developers, contractors, architects, brokers and engineers who took the time to provide us with much of this information.

1. Redmond High School $62 million Skanska, DOWA (Dull Olsen Weekes Architects)
2. Suterra Manufacturing Facility $20 million Younglove, BBT Architects
3. Sage Elementary, Redmond $9.7 million Keeton-King, BBT Architects
4. Rosland Elementary, La Pine $8.8 million KNCC, BBT Architects
5. Bend High Tech Center – $4.8 million, HSW Builders, Dull Olson Weekes Architects, Inc.
6. Madras Hangar, $3.65 million, Havinear Construction
7. Prineville-Crook County Airport $3.6 million, Jack Robinson and Sons, Inc.,
Century West Engineering Corporation
8. Inn of the Seventh Mountain $3.086 million, SunWest Builders, Neal Huston & Associates
9. Little Deschutes Lodge, Phase I –$3 million, SunWest Builders, GGL Architects
10. Redmond Centennial Park $2.4 million Kirby Nagelhout Construction, BBT Architects
11. Crest Butte Apartments – Bend, $2.3 million, W.C. Construction, Pinnacle Architecture
12. Western Beverage –$1.87 million, HSW Builders, LB Engineering, Inc.
13. Warm Springs Fire Management Headquarters – $1.3 million, SunWest Builders,
Pinnacle Architecture
14. La Pine High School Addition $1.289 million Kirby Nagelhout Construction, BBT Architects
15. Bend Memorial Clinic in Redmond $1.26 million  D.E. Rink Construction, Inc., BBT
16. Prineville Freight Depot Building #4 $1.14 million, CS Construction, BBT Architects
17. Phagans Cosmetology College –$700,000. Kirby Nagelhout Construction, DKA Architecture
18. U.S. Bank, $650,000, Kirby Nagelhout Construction, Neal Huston & Associates
19. Juniper Swim and Fitness $515,595, CS Construction
20. ELG Properties $500,000, Spectrum Building, Mike Towne
21. Obsidian Middle School Siding/Reroofing – $473,300, Keeton-King, BBT Architects


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