SharedCare Incentive Offers Business Incentive for Healthcare


Small business owners in Central Oregon are encouraged to contact HealthMatters of Central Oregon about the new SharedCare Plan, which offers lower-wage workers access to affordable, quality health care in Central Oregon.

The first 50 businesses that qualify and enroll two or more employees in the plan by September 1, 2010, will receive a discount of $100 off the first month’s premium to be split between the employer and the employees, explained Jessi Rawlings, outreach manager. For example, an employer who has two employees who enroll will receive $50 off his or her portion of the premium payment and each employee will receive $25 off their first month’s premium payment.

“Our goal is to get as many small business owners as possible to give us a call,” she said. “Because this is a new type of health care coverage, we welcome the opportunity to explain how SharedCare works, discuss eligibility criteria and explore if this is the right option for a small business. It could make the difference between a healthy employee and one who can’t work because of health issues.”

SharedCare is a multi-share plan approved by the State of Oregon to provide affordable and comprehensive health care coverage to lower-wage earners in Central Oregon. It is available to small businesses with 50 or fewer employees who are based in Crook, Deschutes or Jefferson Counties.

For as little as $98 a month, with the cost shared equally between employer and employee ($49 each), people enrolled in SharedCare can get health counseling, primary and preventative care, access to urgent and emergency services, prescription coverage, and more from a comprehensive network of Central Oregon providers who have agreed to offer health care services at rates that allow for adequate reimbursement and affordable co-pays, explained Rawlings.

“Small businesses that couldn’t offer health insurance because of high costs or pre-existing conditions now have another option to consider. We just want them to call to find out if SharedCare is the right fit.”

The SharedCare Plan was designed to combine affordable health care with access and education, which allows people to take more control of their health. Small businesses benefit from healthier employees who are more productive, take less sick leave and stay with the employer longer because the company offers quality health coverage at rates that are very affordable for the type and amount of coverage provided. In addition, SharedCare does not exclude pre-existing conditions, which is a huge barrier in securing coverage from traditional insurance plans. or 541-647-1765, ext. 307.


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