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We all learned about the “food pyramid” in grade school – that chart of all the food groups that lists exactly what we should and should not eat each day to maintain a healthy diet. But how many of us actually stick to the plan and consume nothing but whole grains, fruits, vegetables and fish while foregoing the tasty treats of the forbidden “others” food group?

With today’s hectic lifestyles, it’s become more important than ever to find other ways to nourish our bodies, and that’s where vitamins come in. And one major supplier of quality supplements is right here in our own backyard.

Metabolic Maintenance relocated to Sisters from San Diego to in 1993, and now employs about 25 people at its manufacturing and bottling facility on North Pine Street.

Company president Carla Powell said the former CEO of Metabolic Maintenance chose Sisters as the home base for his business because he had a young daughter and was attracted to the quality of life of the area.

“He wanted to come here and raise her, and basically that’s why most of us came,” Powell said. “It’s really the location as far as what’s around us. We are a very health-oriented company and we enjoy the outdoors, and saw Sisters as a wonderful place to have a company because of the small town environment and all that goes with that.”

According to the company’s website, Metabolic Maintenance “has pioneered the field of personal nutrition by listening to health-care professionals and delivering quality innovations” for nearly a quarter century.

The company’s mission statement is to enhance the health of individuals by manufacturing and supplying nutraceuticals to health care professionals with integrity and ingenuity.

Their philosophy is that the body requires the purest of ingredients for the best possible supplemental nutrition for total wellness.

“Vitamins are essential for proper function and are not made inside your body, therefore must be consumed through diet,” says the Metabolic Maintenance website. “Your body needs vitamins for many reasons. Without them, organs are unable to function properly, skin ages more quickly and your vision will fail. Minerals are also needed for many reasons such as nerve transmission, digestion, antibody protection, metabolism of nutrients. They are important catalysts that spark many of the chemical reactions in your body.”

Offering much more than just vitamins, Metabolic Maintenance sells amino acids, antioxidants, botanicals and more. Amino acids are known as the building blocks of protein and help to create hormones and neurotransmitters. According to the Metabolic Maintenance website, an amino acid supplement can greatly improve one’s health. Antioxidants prevent damage in your body from free radicals, which are produced when the body’s cells use oxygen. They are thought to enhance the immune system and lower the risk of cancer and infection.

Metabolic Maintenance’s line of ThinStick products has been praised by dieticians as a healthy supplement that curbs the appetite naturally to help users maintain their optimum weight.

Metabolic Maintenance’s products are available for sale with a doctor’s referral at the facility’s lobby or on their website.,


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