Clear One Announces New Natural Health Plan


Clear One Health Plans, Inc. launched the first Natural Health Plan that focuses on holistic health insurance available in Oregon. The new Natural Health Plan became available February 1 to Oregon residents and is specifically designed with an emphasis on alternative medicine such as naturopathic medicine, chiropractic, acupuncture, massage therapy, and nutraceuticals (vitamins and minerals).

The new Natural Plan will provide members with an unique combination of holistic medicine and the added security of a comprehensive medical plan, including physician services for illness, hospital, maternity, mental health, emergency, and prescription drug coverage. The Natural Plan is ideal for individuals who have the desire to treat the whole person (mind, body and spirit), are focused on health and fitness, yoga and other fitness products, green living, personal development, and those who follow Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS).

“At Clear One Health Plans we have passion and a continued commitment to making a positive impact on the environment, the communities we serve, and our members’ wellbeing. We are excited to offer this unique holistic health insurance plan, which is the first plan of its kind in Oregon specifically designed for individuals who prefer alternative health care outside the scope of conventional medicine,” Ruth A. Rogers Bauman, executive vice president of Corporate Analytics and Government Programs of Clear One Health Plans said.

“Currently individuals who want alternative health coverage have to purchase a medical plan as well as an additional alternative care rider or supplement plan to meet their needs. Clear One’s Natural Plan offers members the convenience of both alternative care and other medical services included in one plan. Members will pay fixed co-pay amounts for the services they obtain from the alternative care provider of their choice while having the added security of comprehensive medical coverage for unexpected illnesses and injuries.”

The Natural Plan also includes access to an Online Wellness Program which includes a vast array of educational information, tools, healthy living programs, news, and medical resources, as well as a Clear Assistance Program that includes services such as counseling, 24-hour crisis help, legal resources, financial services and identity theft recovery at no additional cost.



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