Who’s the Biggest Loser in Bend?


That is just what Snap Fitness is trying to find out. Snap Fitness, with three locations in Bend is holding a “Biggest Loser of Bend” Contest. The contest is being run at the Snap locations in NorthWest Crossing and in Southwest Bend on Brookswood Blvd.  Anyone in Bend, member or not, can enter to win.

The contest will run for six weeks beginning on Saturday, January 16 with the goal of helping those who participate to see real results and establish healthy habits for life and not just for the six weeks.
“People start the New Year with great intentions and tons of motivation, but it is hard to stick with it if you don’t start to see results or don’t have anyone you are accountable to,” says Stacey Sonne, personal training manager for Snap Fitness.  “Our approach is Fitness for Life and not just for an event or a season. “

Pulling together people for a Biggest Loser Contest creates  a peer group that people are accountable to  which helps reinforce what  they are getting from the trainers and will help each person have more success and see better results.

To enter the Biggest Loser Contest, just write a brief explanation of  why you should win a spot and drop it off along with a photo of yourself to either  the Snap location in NorthWest Crossing or the Snap in Southwest Bend on Brookswood Blvd. Snap will be accepting applicants from December 28 through January 13  and   will hold a FREE workout day, Saturday January 16 from 2-4pm at their NorthWest Crossing location where anyone can work out with certified personal trainers, get nutritional guidance, experience a mini bootcamp or a High Intensity workout.

At the free workout day, Snap will announce two lucky winners who will compete for the title of Bend’s Biggest Loser (winners must be present). The winners will start on a six-week journey to a new body! The two who are chosen will spend six weeks with a personal trainer who will build a custom workout plan and coach them for six weeks as they transform their bodies.

In addition, each winner will get nutritional counseling and a complete meal plan. During the contest the winners will have a free membership at Snap Fitness for the entire six weeks where they will be able to train with their personal trainer and workout on their own. After six weeks of hard work, the winners will be treated to a day at the spa for a free makeover provided by Oasis Spa, then will be off to Local Joe’s where fashion experts will help the winners pick out a new outfit compliments of Local Joe’s.

With their new body, makeover and a new outfit the winners will be able to capture their success with a professional photo shoot at Whipper Snappers Studio. This is an amazing opportunity that anyone in Bend can enter to win.  So if you want take your New Year’s resolution seriously and want to make sure you see the results you are looking for, go to Snap Fitness in NorthWest Crossing or on Brookswood in SW Bend and drop off your explanation of why you should win.  For those who are not in the final two, you will still be able to follow along and participate in the six-week total body transformation. Snap provides a personal online training center, nutritional guidance, a free fitness assessment with one of our trainers and a top notch facility with state of the art equipment to help you reach your fitness goals.

Snap Fitness:
North West Crossing Snap 2753 NW Lolo Drive 541-389-2550
Brookswood- 19550 Amber Meadow Drive 541-389-2550


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